Help! I Need Pumpkin Carving Suggestions

Pumpkin-CarvingsHalloween is creeping up and I’ve decided for the first time in many years to carve a pumpkin. I’m not a professional by any means when it comes to this sort of thing, but I’m feeling like I want to push the boundaries a bit. You know, carve something more than just two triangles for eyes and a circle for a mouth type deal.

The only problem now is to figure out a creative idea to explore.

I searched for a few ideas online and found a few that caught my eye. These ideas seemed interesting and attainable. Again, I’m not Bob Ross with a brush in his hand, or Christopher Nolan on a film set. Here are the few I’m currently debating between.

Superhero Themes

Superman-Batman-Pumpkin-CarvingThere are many ways I could go here (if I did go the way of comics, you know I’d stick to DC Comics). Supes, Bats, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Flash… the whole nine yards. These, as of now, are probably my default choices. Simply put, they’re classics.

Classic Game Themes

Mortal Kombat logo or Pac-man?? It’s a hard choice.

Again, not overly complex, but because they’re super recognizable, they make for great pumpkin carving options. My opinion, these would be nice stepping-stones into a more complex pattern next year.

Spooky Face Themes

Spooky-Pumpkin-CarvingsI’d be OK with tackling a scary face theme, just as long as it’s a little more detailed than two eyes and a mouth. These two are caught my eye while searching because the features are big enough to have the candle/light shine through.

In-Plain-Sight Creative

m&m-and-xbox-pumpkin-carvingI thought these were great. The m&m is probably has a stronger tie to the holiday since some might be giving out m&m’s as their candy of choice. But both are strong on simplistic yet awesome.

All I have to do is figure out which idea to try out and I’ll be good to go. And I’m open to more suggestions!! Hit me up if you have a good one.

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