Redskins Quarterback Roundtable

Can the Redskins gain any momentum with the return of RG3?

Welp, the Washington Redskins are in last place again. The Redskins 2014 season hasn’t quite panned out the way I envisioned it would to this point in the season. I can imagine it’s not unfolding the way head coach Jay Gruden thought it would either.

Through 10 weeks (9 games & a bye), the Redskins sit at 3-6. The Skins’ offense hasn’t really set the world on fire. I mean, they have started 3 different quarterbacks during that stretch. Not really a great formula for success. What team (not named the Arizona Cardinals) in 2014 has sustained any success with multiple quarterbacks in the fold? ….

  • RG3 – Injured week 2 vs the Jags.
  • Kirk Cousins – Benched week 7 for ineffective play.
  • Colt McCoy – Supplanted by RG3 with Griffin’s return from injury.

There was some speculation that players on the team didn’t want Colt McCoy to be benched in favor of Robert Griffin when Griffin was fully recovered and cleared to return. A tiny bit of me can understand that. McCoy entered the game in week 7 vs the Titans and let the team to a much-needed win. Only to follow that win with a big win against the rival Cowboys on Monday Night Football. Some confidence was gained by stringing 2 victories together. Momentum matters – see the Redskins’ 2012 run to a division crown.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
McCoy led the Skins to a win vs a surging Cowboys team in a big Monday night match-up.

I’m a pro-RG3 Redskins fan. So this next question seems like an easy on to me. If the Redskins are serious about making a run this year, or any year for that matter, is Colt McCoy really an option? No, he is not. And deep down, Jay Gruden, Bruce Allen, and Daniel Snyder know it. RG3 is that type of player. A guy who can take the Redskins to the next level. So, to clarify to any who don’t understand the move from McCoy to Griffin – that is a big reason why the Redskins quarterback roundtable has spun back to Griffin.

Personally, I don’t need that reasoning or justification (of what Colt McCoy is or isn’t) for Griffin to return to this Redskins offensive line-up. RG3 is just a better player. No doubt Griffin needs to grow as a QB in the pocket. I’ll be the first to admit Griffin’s footwork during his time in 2014 has been very suspect. Which was a theme throughout 2013 as well. But much of that was him still recovering from the knee injury heard round the world. He’s still a young player in this league. A young player who has been trying to develop his game and carry a franchise at the same time.

My ploy to Redskins fans – I know it’s been a long time, the Redskins haven’t sustained any kind of success for chunks at a time in recent memory. But Robert Griffin III is the guy who can deliver that. Please, I just ask for a bit more patience. With weapons like DeSean Jackson, Alfred Morris, and Jordan Reed at his disposal, the wait shouldn’t be too much longer.

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