Our Baby and 13+ Years Between Cups of Coffee

Mackenzie Ember – 6lbs 13oz 19 in

To those who may read this and aren’t aware yet. My wife Christina gave birth to our first child on November 21st @ 7:03pm. And we’re ecstatic! Our little girl, Mackenzie Ember Horn, is just precious in every way. She’s everything we could have hoped for and more.

When I first found out that Christina was going to be scheduled for an induction a week before Mackenzie’s due date, my goal was to keep an exact timeline of events. I thought it would be an interesting way for readers to relate to my (already planned) baby post.

Turns out, my timeline was an epic fail. I didn’t know it at the time, but my idea was doomed from the start. Once Christina started having contractions, needing help with various things, etc… It just wasn’t possible to keep track of every little detail. Because I needed to be keeping track of her.

Here’s how my little list started out on Wednesday November 19th.

photoIt should be noted that I was a fantastic hubby. I went (only temporarily leaving her bedside) to the grocery store to grab a six-pack of blueberry muffins. Christina was most grateful when I returned with them. They ended up being a crucial element of positivity throughout Christina’s induction process.

Not to get too far off topic. But leading up to, and while Christina and I were in the hospital, family and friends would use the common joke about needing coffee to stay awake once this babe comes along. Each time somebody mentioned it, I told them that I didn’t drink coffee. That I’d only ever had 1 cup of coffee in my life. Each time that person was in disbelief. So I told them this little story…

I’m fairly certain my lone cup of coffee was in 2001.

**My grandmother needed me to go along with her to get new tires on my pap’s car before they would sell it to me. We must have been one of the first appointments of the day, because when we arrived, they weren’t quite ready yet. And they told us the work might take 45 mins also. That we had time if we wanted to walk around at the mall (this Sears is adjacent to the mall, 2 mins away walk time), we could. So we went to the mall. The mall itself was open, but none of the storefronts had actually opened. We were surrounded by mall walkers. It was kinda weird. But grandma and I walked around until she noticed that a Seattle’s Best was open at the center of the mall and offered to get me a coffee. We were in line to order and she asked me what I wanted? I told her I never had coffee before and didn’t know what to order. What happened next is something I’ll never forget.

Seattle’s Best… Not black, so probably better than what I had.

“Oh, OK. Your dad likes his coffee black, so I’ll get you a black coffee.”

I took 2 or 3 sips of that awful, awful coffee and told her that I couldn’t drink anymore. That it was terrible. I hated it. She was kinda perturbed because I threw it out and it was basically full.**

Anyway… back to the real topic. πŸ˜›

Christina started pushing on Friday just after 2pm. Long after my little timeline fell by the way side. It was a slow process, just like all of the induction prep that we went through. By 6pm, we had a doctor come in and check on Christina’s process. He basically told us that an emergency c-section might be on the table, but he’d allow Christina to continue pushing if she wished to. She did, so we kept at it.

6:30 rolled around and a different doctor came in, said she highly recommended that we agree to have the c-section immediately. Christina agreed and the whirlwind of doctors, nurses, and staff were in and out of the room for the next 20 mins. I gotta admit, I was pretty worried at this point, but I knew Christina was looking to me. So I tried to keep my feelings under wrap at much as possible.

Mackenzie’s first morning with Mom. πŸ™‚

7pm rolls around and I’m sitting next to Christina, holding her hand in the operating room. Next thing I know, the doctor asked me to stand up and announce what the gender of the baby was. I stood up and looked, somewhat confused and said… “It’s a girl?”

I honestly couldn’t tell the gender at first with all the swelling. I’m ashamed, lol. But at least I guessed right! πŸ™‚

Eventually Christina, Mackenzie, and I made it back to the room where we could have visitors, but only about 30 minutes before visiting hours were over. Our family was officially together, calm, and relaxing for the first time.

Saturday morning arrived before we knew it and Christina ordered breakfast for the both of us. And both of our orders came with coffee. My dad was there when breakfast arrived and talked me into trying the coffee with some sugar and creamers. So I did. I still wasn’t impressed. Though, I wouldn’t rule out trying it again sometime. But in that moment I knew a new chapter in my life had officially started.

Coffee and a baby… who knew?

To Christina and Mackenzie: I love both of you more than I could ever describe on a blog post. Here’s to enjoying the ride!

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