My Ongoing Christmas Quandary

christmasI don’t want to mislead anyone. I’m not overly stressed about this topic like some people can be when it comes to buying gifts this time of year. But it does feel like Christmas has rolled around again, and once again, I don’t have near the amount of money I’d like to actually spend on gifts for my family and friends.

I know the economy is crap (and has been for quite some time) and people are lucky if they have what they need to get by on a daily basis. Let alone extra cash to buy stuff for others during the holidays, but man! Just one year I’d like to get stuff I’d love to give as gifts and not have to think twice about if something is $10 bucks more than I anticipated.

Our first family photo.
Our first family photo.

Recently, scattered between thoughts of my lovely’s Christina and Mackenzie (had to get that in there), I’ve had some day dreams (or maybe they were delirious hallucinations from no sleep? I can’t be too sure, lol). Dreams about going on a massive Christmas shopping spree and delivering an ultimate Christmas experience – food, cookies, and plenty of presents for all the parents, grandparents, friends, and family… especially for the influx of recent additions. I can’t be the only one who has had thought, right? And by no means am I discouraged or disheartened by my family’s Christmas as is. I cherish all of my family Christmas experiences. I just want to be able to contribute more. Obviously, with my little baby Mackenzie in the equation this year it’ll be just a bit different. 😉

I know Christmas isn’t strictly about gifts, but one of these years I’ll contribute in the way I’ve imagined for so long. I know it!


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