Quick Superhero TV Thoughts

Reverse-FlashThe Reverse-Flash is here!!! (Some spoilers ahead)

Last night’s mid-season finale of The Flash didn’t disappoint. Yes, there was Barry finally opening up to Iris about his lifelong love for her… Blah, blah, blah, lol. The great stuff on the other hand – a big dose of The Reverse-Flash. And it was pretty freakin’ awesome! First, challenging Barry to catch him if he could. Later, Flash and Reverse-Flash go toe-to-toe. Then Flash got an unexpected save from Firestorm! Basically, everything that I personally wanted to see I got to see.

I love the way they portray (conceal) the each of the speedster’s identities when face to face with “the still blur.” It’s perfect!

The Flash has been pretty consistent delivering the goods through the first 8 episodes, and the mid-season finale not only kept pace, it kicked it up a notch. Pushing all the right buttons. Much like Arrow has done the past two seasons with their mid-season finales.

And speaking of Arrow, The Arrow season 3 mid-season finale is tonight!

I’m a pretty big Green Arrow guy. But I have to admit, I’m not overly stoked for tonight’s episode like I was for the Flash episode last night. Arrow season 3 has been kinda all over the place. The only thread that has really gotten any traction this season is, “Who killed Black Canary?” Hopefully with tonight’s mid-season finale and Ra’s al Ghul’s first major appearance of the season, Arrow will give the fans some clarity with what exactly is going on.

Superman by Alex Ross
Superman by Alex Ross

Lastly, there is a little something I need to get off my chest.

I get that there is a superhero boom going on with all the summer blockbuster movies and now multiple TV shows on the small screen. But after hearing the recent news of a Superman prequel show called “Krypton” that is currently in the works on SyFy… I’m shaking my head.

Yes, I know Batman has a prequel show called Gotham on FOX. Just because Batman has one doesn’t mean Superman needs one. And I’m saying this as a big DC comics fan.

TV execs, please use your best judgement and don’t just green-light projects just because they’re comic related material.



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