Black Monday In The NFL

Mike Smith’s time with the Falcons is almost up.

Today’s the day. The Monday after the NFL’s regular season officially ends – Black Monday. When coaches find out if their head is on the chopping block?

As a Redskins fan, I’m familiar with out coaches getting canned on this very day. It happened last season with Mike Shanahan. And I’m hoping the same fate unfolds for one Jay Gruden.

Don’t get me wrong. I do realize that consistency with the coach is crucial if an NFL franchise hopes to be a perennial contender. But I’m done with Gruden. Let the consistency at the head spot start with somebody else in 2015.

Left to Right – Marc Trestman, Jay Gruden, and Rex Ryan


I think each of these coaches fate was decided well before yesterday’s finale. The guys that will not be back with their current teams if they’re coaching in 2015. (Jim Harbaugh & the 49ers have already mutually parted ways after yesterday’s win vs the Cardinals)

  • Mike Smith – Atlanta Falcons
  • Rex Ryan – New York Jets

These guys are the coaches I could see getting a pink slip, but it’s not a forgone conclusion.

  • Jay Gruden – Washington Redskins (Please!!!)
  • Marc Trestman – Chicago Bears (If the Bears do let him go, I hope the Redskins look into getting him as their Offensive Coordinator.)
  • Lovie Smith – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

And here are my sleeper picks that could get canned.

  • Joe Philbin – Miami Dolphins
  • Mike Pettine – Cleveland Browns
  • Mike McCoy – San Diego Chargers
  • Gus Bradley – Jacksonville Jaguars

It should be noted that Oakland Raiders Head coach Dennis Allen was fired during the season. Tony Sparano is currently their interim coach, but I expect he’ll be replaced in the near future.

Now it’s just a matter of when the other shoe is gonna drop…
Here’s to a happy Black Monday!


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