My Unsettling Hecatomb Infatuation


I don’t know if there has been a Magic: The Gathering card so appealing to me, yet so elusive. Elusive in the sense that I only ever had 1 copy (unfortunately not the cool copy from Ice Age as seen here), AND I was never able to make a successful deck that featured this card. I stress the word successful because there were many a “Hecatomb” deck attempts… and calling each of them heinous would be stating it mildly.

How I made a deck around a card, featuring only 1 copy of the card is still a mystery. Lol… the good ol days.

This card was placed on a pedestal pretty early on in my MTG days. I’m certain it’s because it signaled my demise anytime from ’96-’99 when my MTG counterpart, Matt Riggleman, played it.

Check out MHB’s –> Bringing Balance Back To The World

It’s clear to me now that the reason he was so dominant with the card – my vast inability to make a sound deck. I’m not just referring to my terrible, terrible wannabe Hecatomb decks. Most decks constructed by me in this time period were horrid. A 6-year-old prolly could made a better deck than any of the decks I made in those early years.

The card itself isn’t overly awesome. It’s definitely versatile once in play, but a player has to sacrifice 4 creatures to play it. FOUR creatures! For a card that can simply be disenchanted as soon as it hits the board. That’s a huge risk. Also – only being able to tap swamps to deal the damage limits it’s power. To use it to its fullest capacity, mono black is a player’s best bet.

Even though Rigg beat me with this card many times, I don’t believe he’s even an advocate of the card (see reasons listed above). But enough with the Hecatomb hate! It’s time that I finish this journey I started so long ago – To make a Hecatomb deck that consistently controls/dictates the pace of the game AND delivers victorious results more often than not.

This is by no means a full proof deck. It hasn’t even been game tested yet. But let me introduce you to my new Hecatomb Deck. Version 16.4, lol. (I imagine once it gets game tested, I’ll be able to better assess and swap out the ineffective cards.)

Black Cards
3x Hecatomb
3x Black Knight
4x Dark Ritual

White Cards
4x Lingering Souls
4x Gather the Townsfolk
4x Soul Warden
2x Mother of Runes
2x Congregate
2x Swords To Plowshare
1x Requiem Angel

Artifact Cards
4x Skullclamp
3x Bubble Matrix
1x Mirror Golem

Land Cards
12x Swamp
10x Plain
1x Kjeldoran Outpost

**I’ll be acquiring 2 more Hecatombs via Ebay to avoid past Hecatomb deck woes, but I didn’t feel like going hog-wild to buy 60 specific cards to fulfill this deck. I’m making the most with the cards I own.**

My approach

Magic-Darksteel-Skullclamp-FOILHow can I guarantee getting a Hecatomb in play, every game?

The hope is to use tokens as my vehicle. Equip the Skullclamp to the tokens to find my swamps and Hecatomb. Then sac the tokens to play it.

Bubble Matrix is there to give something historically weak (the 1/1 tokens), strength. It’s needed to neutralize the battlefield, ya know…  so I don’t die. LOL

Everything else is here in a supporting role, like Black Knight, Soul Warden, and Congregate. I’m hoping they help weather early game sieges until I get to the bread and butter.

Hecatomb – I might be the only person in the world that still wants to make you successful. And I’m not gonna let you down. 🙂

7 replies to “My Unsettling Hecatomb Infatuation

  1. I like the idea – and the core cards should generate solid results – but with all due respect, I feel like the Hecatomb deck is kind of faux-Hecatomb. It’s kind of a fancy accessory that doesn’t lend much to the deck. With the format you have – you crank out weenies FAST..and draw FAST. With a two-color deck, you’re limited in the sense that, at best, you MAY have 5 swamps out at the end of the game…if you don’t take the much simpler weenie beatdown route.

    For a Hecatomb deck, I think you at least need to focus on keeping the Hecatomb alive. Top of my head, not sure what does that, but getting it out, protecting it, and having enough swamps to power it to me are the key things.

    I’d consider snagging or using ‘Tomb of Yawgmoth’ I think is the name? Turns all lands to swamps in addition to their normal..

    Also, given the format and speed of what you’re purposing, I think the bubble matrixes aren’t worth the space. I’d consider adding that card that can be replayed for 9 and gets you 10 guys – and plays for 5 initially – that’ll go more with the theme, and play with the rest of the cards better. B Matrix also eliminates your ability to ping their guys with Heca…

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. Yea, I agree that Tomb of Yawgmoth would be perfect. Unfortunately I sold my lone copy in March 2014. I felt like rebuying 2 is something I’d rather avoid.

      I won’t disagree there is prolly a better approach to this either… but I felt this would be my best attempt without having to put resources into it. I already have most of these cards listed…. except for the Skullclamps and Hecatombs. And I figured Skullclamp is pretty sick, and wouldn’t mind having them outside of this deck if it falls apart.

      Bubble Matrix, Soul Warden, Mother of Runes – all in there to slow the game down, so i can get the Hecatomb out. There is an element of speed listed, but only because I fear getting blown out of the gate before I have a chance to play anything. Congregate could be listed as stall-tactics as well.

      Hopefully it plays decent as constructed here… but most decks constructed in my mind without actual game play fail.

      Thanks for reading! And I appreciate the input.

  2. Nice. I feel like if you’re going to get them – then going the route of enchantment creatures makes sense as well..that’s super protection right there. Like B Knights could go in favor of some enchantment creature. Token stuff still makes sense though.

  3. Did someone lift the rule that only virgins are allowed to play Magic: The Gathering? I’m pretty sure that is has not been amended.

    1. LOL!!! This is a rule I was unaware of. But – I believe I’m exempt from this rule. Because Christina plays as well now. MTG on both sides of the equation cancel each other out. 🙂

  4. awe hell… I know this would happen.. Lol

    here is the deck I posted – and here are the cards that won’t make the deck.

    Black Cards
    3x Hecatomb
    3x Black Knight – OUT
    4x Dark Ritual – OUT

    White Cards
    4x Lingering Souls
    4x Gather the Townsfolk – OUT
    4x Soul Warden – OUT
    2x Mother of Runes – OUT
    2x Congregate – OUT
    2x Swords To Plowshare – OUT
    1x Requiem Angel – OUT

    Artifact Cards
    4x Skullclamp
    3x Bubble Matrix – OUT
    1x Mirror Golem – OUT

    Land Cards
    12x Swamp
    10x Plain
    1x Kjeldoran Outpost

    HAHAHAAHAHHA Though, I do have most of the deck completed. Still searching for around 8-ish cards to complete this puppy. The changes will def make this way more lethal.

    And as commented before – Greater Auramancy will be included.

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