2015 Is Here – You’ll Need Fantasy Baseball Names

Pirates 3B Josh Harrison's multiple position eligibility & President William Henry Harrison's multiple names. Makes sense to me.
Pirates 3B Josh Harrison’s multiple position eligibility & President William Henry Harrison’s multiple names. Makes sense to me. 🙂

Alright – it’s almost time to pick out a fantastic team name that fellow managers will come to despise while staring up at you in the standings throughout the 2015 baseball season. And I’m here to help you out!

Check Out MHB’s —–> Top 10 Yu Darvish Fantasy Team Names

Now… there are so many ways a manager can go about grabbing a sweet fantasy name. I specifically don’t have a personal style of preference. As long as an actual attempt is made. Teams with a generic default names get no respect in my book. It’s like a slap in the face to fantasy baseball itself to use a default setting for a name.

So… to my name suggestions for the 2015 fantasy baseball campaign.

All I did was take a digital stroll around the depth charts for each of the teams and these names jumped off the page, lol. If these names are on some other list, I apologize. I avoided such lists because I wanted to have as much original material as possible.

Fantasy Name Inspiration
Honorable Mentions “Muddy” Weiters Old school Combo: Matt Weiters & Muddy Waters
Grizzly Matt Adams Matt Adams does have a beard! Kind of…
Jhonny Rotten Jhonny Peralta – Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) Combo
10 Jorge’s Soler Power Easy Peasy… Jorge Soler – Solar Power Combo
9 Josh Henry Harrison Pirates 3B – Presidential mash-up.
8 Avoid Beltre’s Head Adrian Beltre hates people touching his head, period! LOL
7 Ell$bury Dough Boy These days, Ellsbury is the one getting a fat check from the Yankees.
6 Tripping Billy Butler Oh man… Dave Matthews Band
5 Mejia, Mejia Jenry Mejia meets Carlos Santana’s song: Maria, Maria
4 Straight Cashner, Homey Crossover classic: WR Randy Moss quote – Padres SP Andrew Cashner
3 The Human Cespedes Good Player – Bad Movie combo
2 “Magic” Mike Napoli The ladies need team names too…
1 That’s A Foul Odor! Texas Rangers 2B – Rougned Odor


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