The Yellow Fish: Epilogue

Yellow-Fish***The epic blog-war between one Johnny Fishman and myself (if you aren’t up to speed) is over. Though, I’d like to point out there was never any real animosity or actual feuding here. There has not been, nor will there be, any real bloodshed or violence. This simply started as an exercise to expand my blogging horizons.***


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The Epilogue:

For those in the know, it seems so long ago…

In the haze of those Fishwall glory days. How Johnny & his blog writing cronies boasted blogshed, scored bribes, and were plenty dirty, part of anything violent. But that time is no more, because the halls at the Fishwall are long silent.

Johnny Fishman and his imported paper champions – the very ones who shined as they wined and dined, thinking their blog work was so fine. They no longer chime. This shady horde that used to pull in women of any size, at any times. Are now begging for ladies with tears in their eyes, working for nickels & dimes. Johnny… the blob-boss prince of grime, who often defeated every blog mountain he climbed, his leadership proved unwise. As he led the Fishwall and his comrades to their untimely demise. In the end – Johnny mumbled, Johnny stumbled, and Johnny crumbled, searching for his kind. But Johnny forgot the bloggers golden rule – out of sight, out of mind.

Johnny Fishman’s Fishwall had such potential, it’s a crying shame. Coming up Tyrion short and Littlefinger lame. Leaving this Game of Fish, utterly, not the same. Therefore – VICTORY is what Hometown Horn came to claim.

RedFish-YellowFish-Yin-YangWhat else can be said?
Johnny left nothing to be read.
This epic saga is over and the Yellow Fish is red.

Let’s raise a glass, as the Fishwall’s time has past.
Deep down, I knew Johnny’s reign couldn’t last.


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