My Oreo Marketing Campaign Idea

Who knew one quick trip to the grocery store could inspire a seemingly endless array of Oreo cookie marketing ideas?

Weird timing too. With the 2-year anniversary of Oreo’s famous Ravens/49ers Super Bowl blackout tweet almost upon us.

Oreo’s advantageous Super Bowl tweet about the blackout.


Yesterday morning my wife asked me to make a quick run to the store for a few things – dish detergent, milk, eggs, etc… I verbally added Oreo cookies to the list. She verbally crossed them off the list. A shame, I know.

Fast forward a bit – I locate each of the items needed at the store. I check out. Then, as I’m walking out of the store, I notice an end cap of Double Stuf Oreo cookies at the door. I smiled, laughed, and again, thought about buying a pack. My funny initial thought was that Oreo was testing me – making me think twice about not taking those Oreos and running for the hills.

Then it hit me: “Double Stuf. It’ll make you think twice.”

The possibilities for Oreo to run with this slogan are endless. My thought was to do a campaign of 15 second TV spots. Example:

  • Parent(s) say no kids vying for Double Stuf Oreos at the grocery store. Then parents walk by Oreos and do a double take (implying that the parents cave and buy them).
    Cut to Oreo still, slogan, & narrator – “Double Stuf. It’ll make you think twice.”

There have to be a thousand possible variations this slogan would be perfect for. Playing on the temptation for Oreo cookies and applying “Make you think twice” to the situation.

I plan to tweet this post to Oreo. Hopefully I hear something back. I’ll let any readers know if I do. 🙂

10 replies to “My Oreo Marketing Campaign Idea

  1. I like my idea better where the ad goes like this: The camera is following a middle-aged woman (presumed mom) walking a hallway and then letting herself into a hotel room. Inside the hotel room are two biker-looking guys half disrobed on the bed eating Oreos. Then it simply cuts to to words on the screen:

    Double stuf: Treat yourself to a little extra cream filling.

  2. I could also go with a commercial featuring “The Oreo Line” from the Mighty Ducks movie. I can’t believe only 20 years ago you could have a hockey line of two brown guys and 1 white guy, call it the “Oreo Line” in a kids’ movie and no one was offended. The good old days.

    1. First off, I’d like to apply to be in the biker commercial. And maybe the porno after. Sell two products with one shoot, Johnny always says. Second, I’ve just added the “Oreo Line” to my list: two brown girls with Johnny in the middle! Might even give a shout out by renaming my little buddy the Mighty Duck for a day. Also…Oreo probably shouldn’t see these comments…

      1. I think you’re aiming two* low with the Oreo Line scenario. I think the “Double Stuf Oreo Line” would be two brown ladies, and one plus-sized white lady and you’re just there as “the milk”, Johnny. Sounds like a fun 3-course romp for dessert to me.

        Follow up question: which actor is the most likely to have already completed the “Double Stuff Oreo Line”? Sheen or Spade seem the frontrunners to me.

        *pun intended

      2. Johnny has officially been outsmarted at his own game. Being the milk that those three dip in is exactly what he should have thought of first… And as to your question…Sheen seems pretty obvious. But I might go with Arnold S. at the height of his horny body building days…possibly with all parties wearing maid outfits.

  3. “THE MILK” is just the right amount of letters to fit as a vanity place and maximize the chances of picking up sluts while driving your automobile. Do it. Do it.

    1. Why doesn’t wordpress has a like button for comments? Like, damnit. Like like like. Milk. Sluts. Vanity plates. All at the same time. Johnny is officially taking the nickname, Johnny “The Milk” Fishman. Oh yes.

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