Could John Diggle Actually Be John Stewart On Arrow?

David Ramsey (middle) as John Diggle (possibly John Stewart??) in CW’s Arrow.

I just read an article by Paul Tassi on Forbes that there is a more than a slight chance that John Diggle could indeed be John Stewart on the CW TV show Arrow!! Apparently actor David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle, says there has been some conversation on the matter, but can’t confirm anything.

Green Lantern Green Arrow John StewartBut that’s not even the coolest part – there’s a chance he could eventually become Green Lantern alongside Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow.

Green Lantern and Green Arrow had a hugely successful comic run when paired up in the 70’s. Though, for that run is was Hal Jordan as Green Lantern paired up Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow.

That said, I’m officially on the Diggle as Green Lantern bandwagon. Having Diggle actually be John Stewart, and then be selected into the Green Lantern corp makes the most sense to me. Because Green Arrow and Green Lantern are longtime friends and partners. Oliver and Dig are exactly that on the show.

CW & Warner Bros. – Get this thing done!!!



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