My 2015 Fantasy Baseball Journey Is Underway.

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Fantasy Baseball is back!

Matt Riggleman and I have been running a fantasy baseball league for some time now. This season will make it 8 years running. A new season means a new draft day is almost upon us.

For the yearly draft, instead of incorporating the previous year’s finish into who drafts 1st overall (IE… whoever finishes last picks first), we like to keep the order randomized. My opinion… it’s the only way to keep it fair.

In my experience, once July rolls around, some managers just stop checking rosters because they believe they’re out of contention. Which is one of my biggest pet peeves! My other big pet peeve – gas pumps that always stop pumping. Absolutely HATE that. But that’s a topic I plan on tackling in a post another day in the very near future.

My biggest gripes with giving managers who finished last the 1st overall pick.
1) In most instances, to finish at the bottom, a manager basically has to flat-out quit on a season. Why reward them for quitting?
2) They withhold impact players from other managers during the season due to their roster neglect. And to a point, compromise other managers’ ability to acquire desired players.

I’m not quite sure where my bad-manager rambling is headed? Let’s get back on track…

Last night, I randomly pulled the 2015 draft order out of a hat, officially starting our fantasy baseball league year.

The past few seasons, I lucked out by getting selections near the top, if not, landing the top spot for the draft. But when you pick at the top of a 16-team league – you get the 1st pick, then your next picks are 32 and 33. There are huge gaps of players you completely miss out on during the draft. Something I really wanted to avoid this season.

Before drawing the names last night there were 2 spots I didn’t want: #1 and # 16. With 16th pick, you wait, then you get back-to-back picks, then you miss a huge gap of players due to those back-to-back picks… until it’s finally time to select again. I wanted to finally get away from the gaps. At least with the overall #1 pick you deal with gaps with Mike Trout on your roster.

I chose to draw the names in reverse order this year. Meaning the first name out of the hat secures the last pick. Last man standing gets the first pick. And this year, my name was the first name off the board. I got the #16 overall pick. Ugh… gaps again!

I was really hoping for any pick within the 8-12 range. But #16 it is… Every fantasy baseball season presents its challenges. The 2015 season is just another opportunity to prove my fantasy mettle. Bring it on!

3 replies to “My 2015 Fantasy Baseball Journey Is Underway.

  1. Is there the ability to trade picks to avoid gaps or do you stay away from trading picks because that’s worked so well for the Washington Redskins?

    1. You can trade picks. We’ve actually traded picks before. But I’d have to trade every draft pick I have to avoid the 32 player gaps.

      … and man… those Redskins jabs just roll off your sleeve don’t they?? hahaha

  2. I remember doing that but couldn’t remember if that was back when it was on Yahoo. I feel like I haven’t traded any the last year or two. I had the 16/17 combo a few years back and liked it. It’s less stressful…you have tons of time to set your queue and make two quality picks and then sit back and let things unfold. Less likely to rush and make mistakes. When are the rest of the spots revealed so I can work out some trades with you? I’ll offer a blind trade of my 3rd and 4th picks for your 48/49 combo.

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