LeSean McCoy Traded To Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills newest edition – LeSean McCoy


I’m not sure if shock can 100% cover or describe my reaction to the news that LeSean McCoy has been traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Buffalo Bills.

Of course, the deal can’t be completed just yet… It will not be official until the NFL league year starts next week. When it does become official – Redskins fans like myself will rejoice. Along with the rest of the NFC East teams. Maybe even the rest of the NFC???

McCoy is widely considered to be among the top running backs in the league. And Philly has boasted one of the most potent offensive attacks, with McCoy playing a very big part, over the past few seasons.

Rex RyanRex Ryan, the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills, knows a great back when he sees one. Granted, he hasn’t seen on for quite some time during his stay in New York with the Jets. He’s famous for his ground and pound methods. Grinding out yards and chewing up the time of possession on offense, while having the defense beating opponents to a pulp. No doubt LeSean McCoy will be welcomed with open arms in Buffalo.

This move is huge news because it is a bold one by the Philadelphia Eagles.

I’m not surprised by the up roar from Philly fans when the news broke yesterday. In my opinion, one mister Chip Kelly better have a plan. And that plan better come together lightning quick. Because if this move doesn’t pan out (which appears to be a salary dump to clear room for more players), his seat could get extremely hot.

Does anyone here know ANYTHING?!?!?!
Does anyone here know ANYTHING?!?!?!

I know Chip Kelly is regarded as not only a “football guru”, but also “people guru” too. He better be careful though. Trading talent away to clear room for familiar college faces is a dangerous play. I remember a time when Steve Spurrier decided he was going to sign all the players he coached when he was with the Florida Gators. Because Spurrier was full of himself and believed in his system over talent… And the Spurrier/Shane Matthews/Danny Wuerffel/Chris Doering/Willie Jackson era was a disaster.

One thing is certain leading up to this trade and to the 2015 NFL draft – Chip Kelly is calling the shots for the Philadelphia Eagles.

First, DeSean Jackson was cut before the 2014 season. Now, LeSean McCoy is traded before the 2015 season. Chip isn’t afraid to make the tough calls… whether Philly fans like them or not.


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