My First MTG Draft Experience.

Citadel Siege was my power card. Just a shame I never saw it during any of my matches.

I attended my first ever Magic: The Gathering draft tournament yesterday. And man, it was just a wee-bit tougher than I expected. And by wee-bit I mean A LOT tougher.

What I did expect, to kinda steal a line from Tom Petty, the draaaaafting was the hardest part. A player cannot construct a good deck without a good draft. If I had to grade my draft – post tournament – I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

During and after the draft itself, I felt fairly confident about my deck. I drafted white/black/green, but ended up cutting the green portion and ran just a 2-color deck. Not knowing what I’d face, I felt having a balanced deck – IE… some life gain, some creature removal, some direct damage and most importantly a good mix of decent early turn creature plays and mid-game/beefy creatures, was the best approach.

Unfortunately, the players next to me saw more (and better) creature removal than I did. Specifically – Sandblast and Bathe in Dragonfire. I saw 1 Sandblast during the draft, but it was in 2nd pack of Fate Reforged I opened. The same pack I drafted Citadel Siege. Here is the deck I ended up using:

Douse In Gloom - Fate Reforged
2 of these kept me in 2 games, but they weren’t nearly enough.

1x Citadel Siege
1x Abzan Advantage
1x Valorous Stance
1x Lightform
1x Abzan Runemark
1x Siegecraft
1x Harsh Sustenance
2x Douse in Gloom
1x Sultai Runemark

1x Alabaster Kirin
1x Timely Hordemate
1x Abzan Skycaptain
1x Arashin Cleric

Wardscale Dragon saw the battlefield once and was a complete non-factor.
Wardscale Dragon saw the battlefield once and was a complete non-factor.

1x Mardu Hordechief
1x Aven Skirmisher
1x Wardscale Dragon
1x Alesha’s Vanguard
1x Unyielding Krumar
1x Gurmag Swifting
1x Mardu Shadowspear
1x Disowned Ancester
1x Typhoid Rats

9 Plains
8 Swamps

Ultimately, I ended the night 0-2.

During the first best of 3, game 3, I conceded the match a turn before I was about to win. Lol.. Would have been looking pretty good at 1-0 after one round, but I screwed it all up by glancing at the life totals and mistaking his total for mine. I guess some “draft rookie” jitters got the best of me.

Then, because we had an odd number of players, I got stuck with a bye during the second round.

The last round I played a good game… after losing game 1 due to a draw where I was flooded with lands. He did most of his damage to me game 2 with a card I was running also – Alabaster Kirin.

I had a manifested dude with lightform in play along with Gurmag Swifting. I was thinking to combo block the Kirin after three turns to stop the bleeding, but that would have cost me both of my flyers. My best case scenario never played out. Which would have been either Runemark, to pump one of my dudes up. Or a Douse in Gloom, to block with the first striking Swifting and hit the Kirin with direct damage.

Overall – I was impressed with the format and the players I played against. Good times. I might have to try my hand at this again. 🙂


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