Is Chip Kelly the NFL’s Version of Billy Beane?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia EaglesLast year, DeSean Jackson was cut after his best season in Philadelphia. Only to sign with a division rival.

Last week, all-pro RB LeSean McCoy was traded to the Buffalo Bills for Kiko Alonso. A young LB who missed the entire 2014 season recovering from ACL surgery.

Also On MHB ——–> LeSean McCoy Was Traded To The Buffalo Bills

Yesterday, starting QB Nick Foles was traded to the St. Louis Rams for oft injured, former number one overall selection Sam Bradford.

Also yesterday… the Eagles failed to resign Jeremy Maclin. Who was the guy to fill void the of production left by DeSean Jackson’s departure. Maclin had best NFL season to date in 2014.

Not sure Eagles fans would give a thumbs up to these moves.

With all of these moves – the return was either absolutely nothing or drastically less than what was given. Chip Kelly has a plan. What the plan is? That is still a thick cloudy mystery NFL fans all over the world are still trying to figure out.

The salary aspects of these moves I mostly understand – except in the case of Sam Bradford.

It was thought by many sports reporting outlets and fans that Chip Kelly’s master plan included somehow, someway trading up for Oregon QB Marcus Mariota in the NFL draft. So whatever moves Kelly would make, would be to better his position with assets that would allow a move UP in the draft possible. But these moves are almost the opposite of that.

I think if he really wanted Mariota – Foles and McCoy would have been plenty enough to get where they needed to go. Knowing that most of the teams drafting in the spots where Mariota could land NEED a quarterback. Those teams would be getting their QB and landing one of the NFL’s top 3 running backs.

Anyway… What is Chip Kelly’s end game? Who is gonna lead this team ON the field?

I REALLY don’t think it’s Mariota at this point. I highly doubt it’ll be Sam Bradford. I don’t think it’s too far out in left field to think that Mark Sanchez might be this teams starter when the season opens. Sanchez might love the system, but what other players are gonna be playing in the system with him??

As a Redskins fan, it seems too easy right now to count out the Eagles from contending in the NFC east this year. I think most people were predicting the Cowboys to finish at the bottom of the East this past season and look what they did. Went out and won the division with probably Dallas’ best team in the last 6 or so years.

If there is one word to describe what the hell is going with the Philadelphia Eagles, I think I’d have to go with interesting.

If there was one person or thing I might compare it to in the professional sports world – it might be Billy Beane and the Moneyball movement in Major League Baseball.

3 replies to “Is Chip Kelly the NFL’s Version of Billy Beane?

  1. “Not sure Eagles fans would give a thumbs up to these moves.” —> Yeah, they’re the same people who vehemently screamed for Kevin Kolb to take over the starting QB from McNabb. Eagles fans are generally complete morons so if they hate the moves, it’ll probably work out.

    And 1 day later they suddenly have a beastly backfield. The last sport simple enough for Philadelphia fans to understand was ECW.

    1. Haha – they do have a nice backfield. And even though I’m not an Eagles fan – I still don’t understand or agree with the moves as a whole because of the Foles/Bradford swap.

      That is the move I can’t wrap my head around.

      Letting the speed go is one thing. But getting rid of the signal caller on a whim is another.

  2. Totally agree. Bradford is a loser. I have to think they’re not done and they want someone else but didn’t want controversy because nobody would have a problem with backup Bradford, but Foles would want to start and some of the fans would want him to start.

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