A Facebook Question…

FB-Thumbs-downFor some time now I’ve been using the relatively new Facebook news feed feature to “see less” from people. And I’m beginning to think that it doesn’t actually do anything.

I’m fairly certain this option DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.

Does anybody have an explanation on why it seems to be futile to even attempt to “see less” on my news feed?

I find myself using it everyday on the same types of posts from the same people. Only to have to do the same thing multiple times the next day. And then the next day. And then the day after that. It really is never-ending.

After tackling the task of blocking or removing as many ads from Facebook feed as I humanly could, which took a super long time I might add, I feel that this venture is just pointless.

If I can’t figure this out soon, I’m pretty sure Twitter and Google+ will be my social media outlets of choice. Because Facebook is overrun will garbage. Garbage that apparently I have no authority or control over on whether I see it or not.

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