Teen Titans Go! Is Gold.

Teen-Titans-Go!Over the weekend I decided to turn on some cartoons on for my now 4-month old daughter Mackenzie. I was curious to see if she would actually watch and/or whether they’d keep her occupied or not? So I flipped Cartoon Network on and found that a mini-marathon of Teen Titans Go! was on.

It must be said that I’m a pretty big DC Comics guy, so when I saw Teen Titans, I was pretty excited to see what it had to offer. So I set Mackenzie down so she could see and I grabbed a bowl of cereal.

Mackenzie and I watched for at least at hour before she fell asleep. Then I found myself watching Teen Titans Go! because I wanted to watch it. And it was fantastic! šŸ™‚ Robin is pretty hilarious. The one episode called “The Date” featuring Robin, had me laughing like crazy. Which unfortunately woke Mackenzie up. Sorry again baby Mac!

To sum it up so the clip I have here makes sense to those who have not seen the episode. Robin invites Starfire out to eat at a new restaurant. But one of Robin’s rival heroes, Speedy, had beat Robin to the punch, inviting Starfire out first.

So Robin does what any superhero would do, right?

He kidnaps Speedy, then dresses up like Speedy to ruin his date with Starfire… Here’s the clip that accidentally woke Mackenzie up.

Saturday morning notice: It’s safe to say that Mackenzie and I will be watching checking back in for more Teen Titans Go!


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