Car Search

2014 Dodge Challenger

The Beach Boys asked, Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older?”
Me…. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get the car we want? LOL!

If I could get any car I wanted without having to take another mortgage out, sell all of my belongings and maybe even my soul… I’d have this Dodge Challenger sitting in the little off-street parking spot at home staring at me through the kitchen window just begging me to take it out for a ride.

JUST one problem, I can’t afford that ish…

AND it doesn’t meet the only other requirement (the first being affordable) set by my wife – needing to have 4 doors.

Someday Mr. Challenger, someday…

Anyway, my new car search is officially on. My Chevy Cavalier is no longer my Chevy Cavalier. After many years of hitting the open road together. My Chevy was wooed away by another driver, Johnny Fishman! Of all the fish-foes in any of the fish-joints in this whole damn fishy world… Johnny Fishman, legendary blog rival of Hometown Horn, bought the hot red ’03 Cavalier.

As of now, I’m still wrestling with ideas on what my next potential car could be. I’m gonna check around the area, see if I can find a relatively new Nissan or another Chevy with minimal miles logged. One thing is certain though – I will not be getting a Ford. After driving Christina’s Ford Fusion I can honestly say that nothing about that car appeals to me. And I utterly hate it.

MH, out!

6 replies to “Car Search

    1. Hell yea! Lol

      Christina and I went to Used Lancaster Toyota this past Saturday and we got a 2009 Toyota Camry XLE. Never thought Camry’s could be that nice. It’s a sweet ride. Best part – unlike almost all other Toyota Sedans, the XLE has a V6 engine!

      We’re both excited with our new family ride. 🙂

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