Car Search: Concluded!

2009 Camry XLE
2009 Toyota Camry XLE

Christina and I were able to trade in the Ford Fusion (aka the tan turd) this past Saturday. And even though I didn’t come away with a Dodge Challenger or Dodge Charger as I originally hoped, I’m ecstatic with the car that we came away with.

——-> MHB’s Car Searh

We ventured to down to Lancaster Toyota Saturday morning and during our visit we looked at maybe 5 or 6 cars… some Nissan Altima’s, some Mazda6’s, and Toyota Camry’s. And after looking at a few, during some chatter between Christina, Felix (the sales rep that helped us) and myself, Felix mentioned/asked that most of the cars we looked at so far were 4-cylinder vehicles is that what we were looking for?

I told him that I’d love to have a V6 engine, but I knew that probably wasn’t in the cards with the types of cars within price range we were seeking.

That’s when he showed us to the back corner of the lot and told us about this 2009 Toyota Camry XLE. That it had the space we were looking for with an interior that was leather (which was crucial for Christina) AND had a V6. The car only had 38,000 miles logged.

I was like.. Whaaat!?!?

Not sure either of us were looking for a white car at that point, but Felix suggested we take it out for a test drive. So I did. And it was fantastic! Loved it.

Very smooth ride. Very sharp looking too. It doesn’t drive like a bulky car at all.

We came back from the test drive and Christina asked what I thought? With a big grin on my face I was like… we’re good. 🙂

After getting all the paperwork filled out, the Horn Fam took our first ride in our new Camry. Pretty exciting times. Here is the pic Felix snapped for us just before leaving Lancaster Toyota. Baby Mac was just a bit sleepy by the time we were ready to head home.


3 replies to “Car Search: Concluded!

  1. Knowing that you’ll do the right thing and take it out to some country roads so you can find out the vehicle’s top speed, can we get a pool started? I’m in for 112mph.

    1. I will take it out… but I haven’t had the chance just yet. Either having Mackenzie in the car or commuting to work so far. Hopefully the weekend gives me that opportunity. 🙂

  2. LOL….I didn’t think that would work. I tried to post a picture of Ricky Bobby saying “I want to go fast”.

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