The Weather Channel’s “Fat Guys In The Woods” Season 2 Premiere

Fat-Guys-In-The-Woods-Creek-Stewart-The-Weather-ChannelFat Guys In The Woods is a survivalist based reality TV show on The Weather Channel. And a co-worker of mine, BRC-11 news reporter Peter Taraborelli, contacted the show last year to share his interest about possibly being on the show. Not long after that Peter was off to battle nature for the show.

Peter-Taraborelli-BRC-11 Since I started working here at BRC-11 in November 2011, I know that Peter is off when hunting season rolls around. So I wasn’t surprised to hear of his intrigue with being on this show.

–> Check out Peter’s series
Haunted Lancaster here.

Fat Guys In The Woods is hosted by Creek Stewart, a lifelong survivalist expert. The premise of the show is simple – Creek and three “fat guys” try to survive in the wilderness for a week. No common living luxuries like beds, etc… just 4 guys v the wild.

Peter shared this pic today on twitter:
image(1)I’m glad to say that I got the chance to meet Creek Stewart yesterday. Nice guy. Very polite. Peter invited him to the BRC-11 studio to do a guest spot for one of the shows we produce. I’m intrigued to see how their week in the wilderness goes.

My wife Christina is very much into survival shows these days. I don’t believe I’ll have to twist her arm to watch Peter’s turn on “Fat Guys In The Woods”, on June 7th.

Tune in to The Weather Channel on June 7th at 9pm and check out the season 2 premiere!!


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