Softball & Fantasy Baseball: Driving Me Batty

Speed-HitterYesterday – 5:02pm (58 mins prior to my softball game)

It’s nice and sunny out. I just finished up taking a few practice swings in the yard with the Speed-Hitter. Feeling pretty good. I can definitely feel the difference in my bat speed just in the 3 days I’ve had it so far. Still got a bit to go to get where I’d like to be, but it’s a start.

Yesterday – Just after 6:00pm

3rd softball game of the season. 2nd time I find myself not in the starting line-up.

During our opening day game, I didn’t play at all. Our 2nd game, I played catcher. Not my ideal position… but I played.

Yesterday – Between Bottom 3 & Top 4

This about sums up my thoughts on not playing and my fantasy baseball team under-performing.

Our starting right fielder was a little disgruntled and decided he had enough after being called out for stepping on home plate prior to making contact while hitting. Basically, he stepped out of the batters box and got caught. So he left mid-game. The team brain trust moved the guy who started at catcher to right field and put me in the game at catcher. (They must really think so highly of me… lol)

Later in the game, I had an at-bat and hit a sac-fly. I was genuinely surprised when they didn’t take me out of the game shortly after…

The bats just didn’t show up as a whole and our team got 10-runned.

Last night – 8:34pm

Just sitting in the office flipping between the Cavs/Bulls playoff game and Giants/Reds Thursday baseball game on ESPN, and checking out my fantasy baseball squad. And again, what seems like just about every night, my hitters just won’t hit. I log on to find that my team only has 5 hits on the night. Brutal!

The bats just refuse to show up. It’s becoming an epidemic.

This morning – 6:05am

No softball game today and no MLB games start this early…. and the bats decide to show up.

Bat-Image2 bats gave Christina and I an early morning surprise today. I found one in the kitchen and Christina found one like 5 minutes later in the upstairs bathroom.

Luckily, I was able to dispatch the bats and Christina, Mackenzie, and I made it out alive.

3 replies to “Softball & Fantasy Baseball: Driving Me Batty

  1. Gee golly bats! man. Good thing Robin was there to take some swings. At least he wanted to. Although I think his taking-bats-down-days are over. From now on it’s catch and release…I told the woman about running over one with the car, and she hated it! heh…which was to be expected. She didn’t say anything about it after, but I’m making the silent promise to murder no more. Hopefully that bat-thing-a-ma-jig helps you murder some softballs though. Just not human softballs. Careful where you swing that thing. Don’t know where I’m going with this. But Johnny suddenly needs his balls now… Johnny out.

  2. So the RF felt he was hosed by a call and effectively threw himself out of the game? That’s hilarious. I’m always baffled by guys who take softball too seriously.

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