My May Golf Tour

Four-SeasonsIn an amazing turn of events. I somehow managed to golf FOUR TIMES in the month of May 2015.

I say this because I only got out once all of last year. Two times in one weekend the previous year in 2013 (for my 30th birthday). And just one lowly time in 2012…

Obvious to those who play… my game will forever be stagnant playing at a rate like that. So to get out four times in a span of 3 weeks was definitely a treat. I played at Cool Creek, Par Line, Four Seasons, and The Lancaster Host.

I’m sad to say that I normally don’t break 100 when I play. My best score ever is a 92. Which I actually shot at Four Seasons maybe 8 years ago now? I broke 100 only once throughout these four ventures, and that was a 94 at Four Seasons on Memorial Day. 47 on the front, 47 on the back. I didn’t take a penalty stroke all day that day. And it felt good.

My other trips though, the penalties were aplenty. Especially at The Lancaster Host, which was a course that was in horrid conditions. I took 2 penalties alone on balls that weren’t even out-of-bounds.. just lost in the tall uncut rough. I shot a 101 at The Host. But I played well enough to break 100, penalty strokes aside… I took a 7 on the Par 3 #12. A 150 yard par 3 that you have to hit over a little pond. But I decided to go for a swim in the pond. Then proceeded to chip a few times and have a decent putt lip out.

One thing is for certain though after leaving The Host – I will NEVER play there again. It was among the worst course conditions I’ve endured. The place is literally unkept. The super tall and thick rough inches from the fairway, the bunkers where there are more weeds than sand, and tee boxes that are completely overgrown. It was terrible. Don’t let the cheaper rates fool you into playing there… IT STILL ISN’T WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

Scores aside, I do have a good time playing. But one thing is apparent (in my opinion) after playing multiple times in a short span – if I could keep myself out of the trees off the tee, I could challenge the 90 barrier on the scorecard. I know it.

Maybe if I get another 4 or 5 trips out this year I can get a taste of scoring in the 80’s for the first time. I really do believe I’m not that far away from it. I can feel it.

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