Adele Is On Board For Spectre

Spectre-James-BondIsn’t it kinda crazy that Daniel Craig’s outing as James Bond in Skyfall was 3 years ago already? I think so. Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig delivered big time with Skyfall. And both are back for Bond 24 – Spectre.

Also on MHB ——-> Spectre

But they aren’t the only ones who had a hit with Skyfall that will be back for Spectre. Adele has officially been tapped to record the theme for the November 6, 2015 release. For me, this is pretty awesome news cause I really dig her song for Skyfall. To me, getting Adele lined up means that people are taking the film making seriously.

The same could not be said when Madonna was recruited for the Die Another Day theme. Madonna’s song was awful, like many of the decisions made with the production and casting of that film. I’m sad that the garbage that was Die Another Day was Pierce Brosnan’s last experience as James Bond. Such a shame.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to see what Adele can bring to the table for Spectre. And obviously I’m really excited to see what Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig have in store for this new Bond adventure.



6 replies to “Adele Is On Board For Spectre

  1. After feeling that I actually like Modonna’s “Die Another Day”, though I very much wish it wasn’t choppy, and wondering how many others did multiple Bond songs, I just read through a list that ranked them. Most of my favorites were bottom or middle. Not that I know them all by heart. But even “You Know My Name” was around number 11. Makes me feel like we should debate this further. I still need to download Skyfall, at any rate… hmm. Johnny Out.

    1. I did think about doing something more related to Bond-Themes before posting this little snippet… Maybe we can do a side-by-side Johnny and Hometown Horn showdown??

  2. As much as we’d all love to read the mile long post of Fish v. Horn ranking every bond song, a mile long post of Fish v. Horn commenting on every Bond Girl would would be way more entertaining. I mean you could rank them hopefully starting with Vesper or Strawberry Fields and obviously ending with Jinx, but it would be more fun to do a chronological 1-2 sentence comment on every one.

    DO IT!

    1. Maybe we could get a Fish v Horn v Nilsen ranking of the Bond Girls??? I’d come up with the list and distribute them… then we each rank them accordingly. And Doug, I’m glad you noted that Jinx would obviously be last. Because that is the honest to god truth you are speaking. (I know I’ve addressed this matter on a previous post – Halle Berry was AWFUL)

      That does sound like a good idea to me.

  3. Definitely in. It’s like a world-class version of Hot-or-Not. Does that site even exist anymore? I think I was only made aware of it by the Horn and Tyre tandem.

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