MLB All-Star Game Controversy?

Image-KC-Royals-logoSay what? ANOTHER controversy in Major League Baseball?

Some people are taking that stance after seeing the leading American League vote-getters for the 2015 all-star game. 7 of the 9 leading players leading the votes are from the Kansas City Royals.

Royals Meme 300C – Salvador Perez
1B – Eric Hosmer
SS – Alcides Escobar
3B – Mike Moustakas
OF – Lorenzo Cain
OF – Alex Gordon
DH – Kendrys Morales

The only 2 non-Royals starters at this juncture would be the 2014 American League MVP Mike Trout and the Houston Astros 2B Jose Altuve.

The reason for the outcry is because 2015 is the first season that all-star voting is exclusively online. No more voting at the ball park. Personally, voting was headed to exclusive online voting for a while now. I’m not one of the fuddy-duddies who is outraged by the Royals almost having a monopoly on the American League roster. If anything, I applaud the Royals fans for taking the time and making the effort to support their team.

If anyone is THAT upset by what is going on – nothing is stopping anyone who is outraged from voting online for the players they believe to be worthy of an all-star appearance.

I’m sick of hearing people complain about topics there are zero reasons to actually complain about.

I’ll be headed to MLB’s all-star voting to place my votes. You should too! Voting ends July 2nd.

5 replies to “MLB All-Star Game Controversy?

  1. Johnny’s all-star knowledge must be fuzzy. I thought the all-star game hosted only a couple players from each team? Or was that just something we did in little league? Either way, Johnny supports Mike Mustacheo.

    1. Nope… It’s a free-for-all in MLB now, baby!! Just gotta be voted in regarding hitters.

      Pitchers are selected by the managers collectively. And the whoever is actually managing the all star team, gets to have 1 managerial selection.

  2. It’s been a crock ever since voting went online. The old-school game ballots were fair…you pay to attend a game, you earn yourself a vote. With online 35-times-per-email address voting you basically limit yourself to letting losers who have too much free time to vote 35 times with each of their 4 email addresses decide.

    I’m not going to log in and vote my very knowledgable opinion when I know that some 12 year old has voted 140 times and that I’d have to spend all afternoon voting to cancel him or her out. All this does is affirm that people living in Kansas are pathetic.

    1. If you won’t log in and give your knowledgeable input, then the people voting with no knowledge will claim victory.

      I’ve voted once per year the past 3 years. And I feel good about it.

      1. But you’re exactly the guy who voted for Jeter with his .211 average last year that I’d only be cancelling out to vote for a deserving candidate. Haha. You know you did. JJ Hardy has run circles around that guy for the last 4 years.

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