Audible Blogging

Audible-BloggingMidway through our (seemingly endless) trek back to PA yesterday from the OBX, I talked my wifey into playing a “new” driving game to kill time.

The game – Audible Blogging. And to anyone reading this, I think you should try it the next time you’re facing a long car ride.

608-03473090 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: No Property Release: No Man reading a paper into a microphone
When Audible Blogging, just let it all out!

If this is actual game already, I’m not aware. It seemed like a good idea and I ran with it. I only made one rule for Audible Blogging:

  1. Someone in the vehicle comes up with title for the blog post, then someone else has to take the title and audibly write the post.

Pretty simple.

We had a lot of fun with this even though we were trapped in the car. Christina and I were laughing hysterically with her topics for me. She played on my unwillingness to work out and cut back on my favorite foods/snacks and gave me the topic: My Guide To Keeping Fit and Eating Healthy. And I felt like I did a good job with it. She was very impressed. It’s almost a shame it was only for an audience of one. But that’s just how the game shakes out.

Creativity & time, ALWAYS great in combination. If people let it be…

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