-The Announcement-

Left: About to huck deep for a score in ’09. Middle: Handing out CU championship trophies after a tough defeat to The Flying Penguins in 2014. Right: Poaching on defense in ’07 on our way to a tournament championship win @ the Bowmansville 5 on 5.

The time has come for THE announcement.

I thought about doing this on Twitter or Facebook last week, but after a quick thought, I figured MHB would be the best platform to announce my retirement from competitive Ultimate Frisbee.

After all the time I spent playing Ultimate, I thought it would be hard to walk away. Or maybe that I just wouldn’t know when to officially step away from the game. But it’s actually one of the easiest decisions I’ve made. Ever.

I don’t really have the urge to play anymore. And I don’t miss playing. Therefore, it was time to make my retirement from any competitive play known.

Thanks to everyone who made Columbia Ultimate happen on a yearly basis from 2004 to 2014. It was a blast.

I’ll always remember the people who played and the great plays they made (the ones I actually witnessed anyway) for Columbia Ultimate.

I know CU’s reputation, and probably my ultimate reputation, wasn’t the best or most respected in and around Lancaster County. But I believe the league had a positive impact for many local players. And I hope CU provided an outlet for any who were seeking one. From meeting players, to keeping in shape, or a place to satisfy one’s competitive fire.


4 replies to “-The Announcement-

  1. I wore my Frisbee Friends shirt mowing the grass last night to mark the ending of your career. The S is all that’s left of “Fischer”, because it’s a really comfortable pajama shirt but I believe it was the first time I wore it in public. Good luck on your post-athlete life.

    1. You’ve piled up a few Columbia Ultimate shirts over the years. What size do you wear – I might have one or two more to send your way. LOL

      In all seriousness – this post is just a formality for me and Ultimate. But post athlete?? C’mon.. I’m still up for a round of golf, joining a hacky sac circle, or competing against any of the world’s finest athletes at your nearest bowling alley.


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