Updates From MHB

MHB Upcoming Blog IdeasAlright… I haven’t given updates on ANY upcoming MHB projects since March 2014, and I got some really good stuff in the works here that I’m very eager to share. So I decided it was time to inform the masses! Here it goes…

1 – The Woodland Chronicles!

The Woodland Chronicles is a fictional story. One that I’ve been working off & on with since January 2015. In the very near future the first few entries will be available here on the MHB. I’m really excited about it. I’ve had a few people proof it so far and those few people all thought it was compelling.

Woodland is a place where strangers are common, and commoners can be strange…

2 – The Tom Petty Questionnaire!

I enlisted a few contributors, much like I did for my KISS Draft post and my Springsteen Pick’em post, to help with a TP themed blog. I’ve wanted to do a Petty themed blog since late 2014 and I never had the idea to make (or take) this post over the top until very recently. (Thanks to one NGF)

When you read the questionnaire, it won’t take long until you’ll want to get in on the action and answer all the questions yourself. 🙂

3 – Craving Beatles Favs! (still working on a title yet, but I had to throw something here)

Yes – another broad band blog topic that will delight and/or enlighten anyone who reads the post. I started these exploratory band blogs with people helping because its super fun to dissect given the parameters I set. But I must say, this Beatles blog post might THE HARDEST one to date. All the more reason check it out and see how it turns out.

The rest of 2015 and into 2016 looks very promising from MHB. It’d be shameful to be a living, breathing person who knows how to use an interest browser and not check out the sweet material that is on the way. Don’t be that person!

MH – Out!

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