free-writingI’ve decided to do a little free writing exercise to see where it takes me. This is a first for me here on MHB. Definitely my first non-college free writing session. Not sure if Dr. Dower still works at Chowan University (I was there in ’01-’02) or not? But she was the English professor I had down there at Chowan while I struggled through Eng 101, then 101 again and again. Lol! Then maybe I got to 102 before I left? Anyway, she would be proud so see me free writing in 2015.

Man.. where to start?

I have so many thoughts running through my head these days. And so many interests that I would love to pursue and dedicate time too. It feels like a bit of a whirlwind. Not in a bad way either.

Spending time with Christina and Mackenzie is beyond words. Experiencing Mackenzie’s daily adventures and discoveries with Christina, sharing those moments and memories together, is extremely gratifying.

Wait, it just occurred to me that this sounds a lot like a journal entry. With my almost nonexistent experience in the world of free writing – I’m not exactly sure if that’s a cop-out or not? I’m fairly certain anything goes with a free writing session. Cause it there were rules, there wold be much freedom would there?? Anyway, I’ll change the subject to something else in the sheer interest of the challenge.


How about one more quick “journal-like” tidbit before we move on?

Dec 31, 2014:

Christina, Nate, and myself stopped at Cafe East in Centerville, PA for one last sushi delight in 2014. The hostess showed us to a booth. Not long after sitting down, I started to grin, trying to contain a burst of laughter. That bugs Christina. If I have a thought, and I think it’s funny. She’ll ask about what’s so funny? And I’ll just say nothing… not to worry about it. Oh man, lol, that’s like one of her biggest pet peeves.

So she pressed me to know. Fish just starts to laugh. That’s what he does. He laughs to laugh, but he also gets a kick out of me pressing (intentionally or unintentionally) Christina’s buttons. The waitress brought our drinks over, and I took a sip before I finally agreed to let them know what I thought was so funny.

“I got this blog idea. A story…”

“I want to try to do a funny story. I really feel like writing something and not just talking about sports or movies. I want to do something original. So here’s my idea.”

So I delve in and tell them the idea. It was called “The Magical Adventures of Tucker the Trucker and Harry A.”

Tucker is kind of rough around the edges type, a dude that’s only ever driven trucks for a living. A simple guy. Harry A is an alien. A hairy alien. A humanoid, but just a lot hairier. Tucker finds “Harry A” along the highway on his way from PA to Florida when he needs to take a potty break but can’t make it to the nearest rest stop.

Tucker agrees to bring Harry A on his trip for whatever reason and the “hilarity” ensues. Like when Tucker gets pulled over in Virginia. The cop asks both of them to get out, asking for ID. Tucker gives him his ID and while Harry A just stands there. The cop glances at the ID and then looks at the hairy alien, just waiting. Both are just befuddled.

After a long awkward staring contest with this hairy mess the cop is like, “Well, where the hell’s your ID?”
Tucker realizes it’s gonna be trouble here shortly. This alien doesn’t have a name. So he cuts in for the alien… “This is my buddy, Harry… Harry A.”
Cutting Tucker off the cop says, “Damn right he is.”
“He lost his ID at a rest stop a few hours back, officer. Please, when we get back to PA, I’ll make sure he gets his ID squared away,” Tucker pleaded.

That idea had me in tears!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. Just all of the situations Tucker would have to improvise in a pinch to cover for Harry A. Due to the fact this being wasn’t human, his undeniable hairy-ness, and his lack of communication skills. I thought it was a great idea.

Christina looked right at me with a straight, vastly unimpressed look and said to me, “That’s a dumb idea.” I couldn’t believe it. Fish thought it was a decent idea and he chimed in immediately after she said that, “Dude, she’s not your target audience. Don’t listen to her. You should write it.”

The Magical Adventures of Tucker the Trucker and Harry A is still just a draft within the walls of MHB.

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