HBO’s Ballers

ballers-hboI was listening sports talk radio over lunch this past Friday when the hosts started talking about this show on HBO called Ballers. About how it was a real interesting look into the world (or underworld) of professional football, and how they were looking forward to the series finale Sunday night. They brought it up because one of the actors from the show was coming on to promote the finale. I ended up missing the interview because is lunch only so long. But I was intrigued enough to check out the show.

The show stars Dwayne Johnson as a blossoming financial adviser in Miami for NFL players. Ballers follows him as he has to deal with these players, their immaturity, and the temptation that comes along with money and living in Miami. All while trying to keep his life in working order.

Throughout the weekend, I watched the first 9 episodes of Ballers. Overall, I wasn’t blown away. It was cool though to watch a show that used the likeness of real football teams. And had real players, past and present, involved in the story lines.

Punchable? I think so.

Ballers isn’t a “must-see” by any means. But it’s something I’d tell a football fan to check out. I think part of the reason it fell flat for me is because it never felt like the stakes were overly high. The main story lines felt like fluff stories by the end. AND that Rob Corddry (who plays Dwayne Johnson’s business partner) might be one of the worst actors of all time. Has there ever been a more punchable face than Rob Corddry’s face?? Lol!! If you asked me that question – I’d say no.

Last night, I watched the finale, thinking that whatever the show was building towards might put the show over the top. I won’t spoil what actually happens, but I will say that the episode didn’t really pack the punch I thought it might.

I have no idea whether or not this show will have a second season or not? But season 1 was a decent starting point. If it got a second season, I really think they could dig in, raise the stakes, and really show what it’s like in and out of football.

4 replies to “HBO’s Ballers

  1. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller. I wish I had The Rock as a friend, I would call ..him. ….Johnny has only seen promos for the show, but it looked fun. As for punchable faces…RC the most? What about our pal, The Squirrel? And other such characters from that era… Perhaps he was most kickable and is thereby out of the running for all other most hitable trophies because any one hitable face is only allowed one hitable trophy? Consequently, that was Johnny’s most hitable sentence ever. Not to be confused with the most tapable trophy, to be revealed in Johnny’s next blog. (And no part of that last part was not a joke.)

    1. Johnny – you might be surprised by what I’m about to say, but you would most def like this show. All the junk about living the high life in Miami – seems right up Johnny’s alley. I think your dream house is represented in the show as “The Fun House”. LOL!

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