I Hate Jay Gruden’s Face

Jay-Gruden-face-RedskinsYes you read that correctly. I hate Jay Gruden’s face! Normally, this time of year I write a Redskins season preview blog. But this year I refuse to do so. Because Jay Gruden is the anti-Christ and he is almost certainly gearing this Redskins football team up for another 16 games of hell.

But even more so than me hating his face, I hate every word he has uttered and every decision this man has made regarding Robert Griffin III. He has continually sabotaged and undermined everything RG3 and I’m completely done with him.

Now, word comes out yesterday that Gruden is done with RG3 and that the front office wants to move Griffin. And the only thing stopping them is Daniel Snyder? What a mess… Why does everything Redskins end up in a HUGE clusterf#$???

Am I sick of every little RG3 story getting blown out of proportion? Absolutely! But one of the main reasons all these stories get that way is Jay Gruden.

Yes, RG3 has struggled since returning from the ACL injury he suffered at the end of the 2012 season. But man, every opportunity the Redskins have had to screw something up Griffin related since, including bringing him back and saying he was “ready” for the 2013 season, has been completely botched.

Robert Griffin III may not be producing on the field like he did in 2012 when he won Rookie of the Year, but I’m still a big RG3 fan. If (and when) an RG3 trade happens, it will be a sad day for me. The only saving grace will the happiness I have the day Jay Gruden is fired as the football coach of the Washington Redskins.


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