Battle For Zendikar Prerelease 9-27-15

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger… Looking for a dinner near you.

Oh man… where to start?

I attended the Battle For Zendikar prerelease event at Comic Store West in York, PA yesterday. This was my second go with at a prerelease (I also played in the Dragons of Tarkir event in March). I definitely had more fun this go round for the simple fact that I knew 7 of the 27 players at this event.

My cousin Brandon, his brother-in-law Mike, and I rode over to York together. We were all excited to play. But also to see if any of us would pull any of the uber rare expedition lands or new planeswalkers that everyone at the event were seeking (which none of us 3 got).

Once 2pm rolled around, the guy who was running the event started handing out prerelease packs and I was the first name on the list, so I got my pack first. It was a quick and fleeting moment of glory. And it would be 1 of a lonely few I had on the day.

When all 27 players received their prerelease packs, we were all allowed to open and were given 30ish minutes to construct our decks.

Fathom Feeder BFZ Foil Promo
I had as close to zero playable blacks cards as you can get, so this guy didn’t make the cut for my tourney deck.

Prerelease packs contained 6 booster packs and a little plastic sleeve with a foil promo rare stamped with the date of the event. My foil promo was Fathom Feeder. Most everyone who opened and immediately looked for their foil promo was hoping for one of the expedition lands, any of the planeswalkers, or a card called Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. So when I didn’t see one of them, I was a tad disappointed, but still optimistic about the event and my chances to win it.

That optimism was short-lived though…

Wow... this sucks.
Wow… this sucks.

After only opening one pack I knew I was going to have a long road ahead of me. Because in that first pack, I literally pulled the worst rare in the whole damn set! That card – Prism Array…


I ended up with a red/blue deck. The 3 biggest reasons I ended up red/blue.

  • I pulled a Guardian of Tazeem – a blue flyer that I felt was a must play since I had (in my opinion) a very weak pool to construct from.
  • Herald of Kozilek – this dude along with Guardian of Tazeem were easily my two best creatures through my 6 booster packs.
  • Last but not least… due to my Herland of Kozilek, I sifted back through my cards to look and see if red/blue had enough colorless/devoid dudes to make it worth while. And of the stuff I had – red/blue actually supplied the best selection of devoid creatures in my pool.

I finished the tourney 2-2. Here is how my deck ended up——> Spells first

image(4)With a 40 card deck (17 of which were lands for me) I only had room for 7 spells. Knowing most of my creatures weren’t gonna over power anyone, being able to “deal” with my opponents guys was paramount. Clutch of Currents was HUGE for my in every single game I played yesterday. I only used it once without the Awaken ability. Being able to get a land in on the attacking action helped me a ton.

Next——–> Creatures! (I couldn’t fit all in one pic… so Blue creatures first.)

image(5)Both Guardian of Tazeem and Herald of Kozilek were big for me. When I played them, they were the most effective guys I had. For a kill shot vs the guy who won the prerelease (I played him right out of the shoot – round 1) I used Coralhelm Guide’s ability to make a dude unblockable and it worked to perfection. Winning that game sent us to match 3 (we’d split the first 2 games). Game 3 – I hit a land patch and I couldn’t sustain/match what I was facing because of it. Shame too… what could have been. Lol!

image(6)I have to say, going into the matches, I wasn’t fully confident that I’d win any games. But after seeing what many others had to offer. My guys weren’t overwhelmed. Valakut Predators and Belligerent Whiptails were out fast enough to overwhelm most others players early game stuff (as long as I was dropping lands). The other dude that caused unexpected problems for my opponents was the 2-drop Kozilek’s Sentinel. With it’s 1/4 stats, it was a tough out. The upside – I had many other devoid or colorless creatures. So I actually got to swing for 2 or 3 with him depending on how many colorless spells I cast on a particular turn. The trample guys are always a welcome sight too and they definitely played as expected.

All in all – it was a good day. I finished 15th out of 27 in my second ever prerelease. I had a very good chance at being 3-1 if I coulda pulled out that victory over Cory (He ended up 4-0 and won the prerelease).

It was the second time Cory and I have had a game come down to the wire in a game 3. He played in a fat pack tourney that I hosted at my house in April. He got me that time as well. I’m already looking forward to the next time we face each other. 🙂

BTW – Ulamog… You may have eluded me at the prerelease, but I will find you!

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