Finding Ways To Lose

jim-harbaugh-michiganI was away all weekend, so I didn’t check any scores, highlights, or in this case lowlights…

First off, I’ll say I’ve been watching Redskins games for a long time. I’ve witnessed many a game blown when it seems like a victory was within grasp. But the feeling of all the Redskins losses combine could not prepare me for the surprise blunder/loss my Michigan Wolverines faced on Saturday. I have not been privy a loss like the Michigan Wolverines endured on Saturday vs the Michigan State Spartans. My first thought is the Miracle in the Meadowlands, but that play happened before I was born.

But Michigan took this the Miracle in the Meadowlands play to another level. Here it is in all its infamy…

Before this play, Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines on their way to a 6-1 overall record. With a win over the would be 6-1 Michigan State Spartans and an eye on the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes. But all that was not meant to be. Michigan sets at 5-2 behind two undefeated squads – Ohio State and Michigan State both at 7-0. And unless EVERYTHING falls perfectly in place for the Wolverines, that second loss will probably cost them a shot at the National Championship playoff.

And to think, Michigan had all the momentum in the world. 10 seconds away from keeping the dream playoff dream alive. And in that 10 seconds, it all vanished in a blink.

What a gut-wrenching loss. Obviously the punter had a blunder he’ll never forget… Big Blue Nation is still trying to figure out exactly what the hell happened?

What is it with my teams? They just love finding new ways to lose games.

Before I go, I must give a shout out and applaud Jim Harbaugh and this year’s Wolverines squad. Even though that play may define their season, they are playing good football. Good things will come.



One reply to “Finding Ways To Lose

  1. I read “finding ways to lose” and immediately thought this was going to be a whole different kind of…gut-wrenching ways to lose. Nonetheless, take heart in the fact that, despite your love of crappy teams, you’ll always have those wins when Riggleman loses.

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