Battle For Zendikar – 2 Thumbs Up!!

Artwork from the Battle For Zendikar blue rare – Ugin’s Insight

Magic’s newest set Battle For Zendikar has been out for a bit now and I’m officially super big fan of the set. Though, most MTG pros aren’t thrilled with this set, I think I can honestly say this set wasn’t for them. Battle For Zendikar really is for the players who love to play and collect.

Here are my reasons for loving BFZ (This post could get long so I’ve just going to dive right in…)

1 – Lands, Lands, Lands!

Battle For Zendikar is bringing back a MTG fan favorite with full art lands! Like Zendikar beforehand, because full art lands aren’t the norm, people are trying to grab up as many as possible. Because it could be a few years before they make a return. 🙂


But the most exciting cards to open when ripping through a booster pack of Battle For Zendikar are the Expedition Lands. In short – they are foil, full art versions of some of the best rare lands in recent memory. The fetch-lands, the shock-lands, they even did expedition versions of the duel lands printed in Battle For Zendikar.

Value-wise, I believe (guessing off the top of my head) the cheapest of the any expedition lands starts around $50. Most sets don’t even have 1 card valued at 50 or more dollars.

2 – Land abilities!

I’m talking about Landfall people!

This set is all about the lands. When the original Zendikar was released in 2009, one of the main concepts and goals for the set was to make the most bland card in all of MTG (a basic land) a good thing.

I mean, nobody wants to get mana-screwed or mana-flooded early on. Or later in the game for that matter… So having cards with abilities that are triggered when playing a basic land, that was a real way to make playing a land more strategic than ever. Landfall is back with BFZ and it is really cool.

3 – Synergies galore!

Battle For Zendikar lends itself very well to limited play. Each color (or colorless) deck combinations offer a synergy that melds well together. So no player at the table is completely hopeless of making a competitive deck.

Red/Blue Devoid
Blue/Black Ingest
Red/White Allies
Red/Green Landfall

I could go on, but I think I’ve gotten the point across.

It’s much more fun to have a deck with a goal rather than a deck with random cards. BFZ offers appealing synergies in spades and its AWESOME!

4 – How could I forget Planeswalkers?!?!?

BFZ has 3 crazy cool planeswalkers – Gideon, Ob Nixilis, and Kiora. All three have the ability to turn the game on it’s head. (I could go in-depth about just how game changing some can be, but who wants to relive a horrible, horrible loss after an opponent plays an Ob Nixilis)

BFZ-PlaneswalkersTo sum everything up: BFZ is freakin awesome. A very versatile set from an in-game standpoint and collecting standpoint.

Here’s a little something to let everyone in on just how cool this set really is…


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