My Official James Bond Movie Rankings

Spectre-stillAlright, alright, alright… It’s time to get down to business.

The newest entry into the James Bond film franchise, Spectre, hit theaters earlier this month on November 6th. Which means everyone and their mother are trying to decide if this the best Bond movie ever.

A long time ago while I was at Chowan College (now Chowan University) I had a very crappy geocities website. Geocities is no longer a thing, so most of that info has wandered off into internet oblivion. On that site – I had my first official ranking of the James Bond movies. Of course, at that time, Die Another Day was probably the newest entry onto the list. Luckily since then, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli decided it was time to stop making horrible James Bond films and get this franchise back on track.

Sooooo I’ve decided to officially rank all the James Bond films for the first time on MHB.

Each movie could get an entire movie review as to why it is where it is on my list. Rather than spend the next year writing Bond film reviews (which doesn’t sound like all that bad of an idea) I decided to write a one sentence review for each film on the list.

  1. Casino Royale – From the opening scene to the sinking building, a complete edge of your seat ride that doesn’t check the action at the door. Epic!
  2. Skyfall – The Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig tandem is a powerhouse, very compelling story using contrast to perfection in-dialog and on-screen.
  3. Spectre – Mendes’ swan song with the Bond franchise, elegant cinematography just like Skyfall along with plenty of Easter egg fun acknowledging Bond’s entire film history.
  4. Goldfinger – Sean Connery, the gold standard for every Bond and Bond movie to come before and after since this 1964 phenomenon. 
  5. Spy Who Loved Me – The opening scene, the car, the girl, the villain, and the henchman… Roger Moore’s masterpiece as Bond hits on every mark!
  6. Goldeneye – Pierce Brosnan at his finest, a shining moment for all Bond fans to celebrate.
  7. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service  – George Lazenby as Bond and Telly Savalas as Blofeld for the win in this very much under-appreciated outing. (Only Bond I can ever remember talking to the camera) Still can’t believe Bond got married!?
  8. License To Kill – Timothy Dalton portrayed Bond rough and tumble well before Daniel Craig made that version cool again – no over the top junk, just a sheer grit revenge mission.
  9. Dr. No – 23 Bond films have been made since Dr. No in 1962 and only 8 of them rank above it… Mighty high praise in my book.
  10. Live and Let Die – Roger Moore’s debut is mostly strong, as is the theme song, but inflating a villain during the final showdown is where Bond officially starts to go “slap-stick” for the Moore-era.
  11. From Russia With Love – More spy than super agent here. Thick tension you can cut with a butcher knife.
  12. Thunderball – Long under water sequences with no dialog tend to make Thunderball a slow-paced acquired taste.
  13. Quantum of Solace – I really do like QoS, but the lack of real substance is hard to overcome.
  14. Man With the Golden Gun – Man-crushing before it had a name, and after seeing both Bond and Scaramanga each with 3 nipples, I’ll never be the same. Lol!
  15. Diamonds Are Forever – Bambi & Thumper, Kidd & Wint… two too many duos to fit on-screen with a visibly older “let’s just mail this one in” Connery.
  16. Tomorrow Never Dies – The sad part about this is that I really liked this movie, until one day I realized it was pretty much crap.
  17. For Your Eyes Only – Roger Moore kinda tried to be tough for a movie, this was it…
  18. Moonraker – Bond in space is a terrible place for Bond to be.
  19. You Only Live Twice – Please, Sean Connery “turning Japanese?…” Who comes up with this stuff?
  20. The Living Daylights – One of the most memorable movies I can’t remember anything about… wait, wasn’t there a cello scene?
  21. The World is Not Enough – Bond writers desperately trying to write a Bond film using all the wrong tools (Denise Richards, really??) for seemingly all the wrong reasons. (Pretty sure Pierce Brosnan still doesn’t know what this movie is about, so how could the fans ever know? Lol!)
  22. A View To A Kill – Mayday (Grace Jones) pays the ultimate price for hooking up with a 74-year-old Roger Moore in this one… laughable.
  23. Octopussy – Really should be the last on all Bond-related lists, horrible writing and spew-like support acting makes for a terribly long and painful viewing.
  24. Die Another Day – Halle Berry is awful in every way, terrible way for Brosnan to go out… a complete disaster.

Hope you enjoyed my ranking! Side-note: Even though Sean Connery played James Bond in Never Say Never Again, it isn’t an official entry into the Bond film franchise. The movie came to be after a settlement was reached over the rights to Thunderball.


5 replies to “My Official James Bond Movie Rankings

  1. As of this note…I have not seen Spectre but I believe it will be amazing! The level to which you went for this ranking list is impressive! I will always have respect for Sean Connery in the role, but Skyfall is number 1 in my heart. Love the whole scope and seriousness of the film. I think your list is mostly right on, good job bud!

    1. It’s funny you say about Skyfall being number 1, because the first, second, and third version of this list actually had Skyfall number 1. Lol I had to really sit down and figure out how I was going to rank the top 5 specifically. In the end, I couldn’t have Skyfall and Spectre on a list where they weren’t side by side. So Skyfall 1 and Casino Royale 2 would not work.

      Casino Royale, Skyfall, and Spectre are all really awesome. They’ve set the bar so high for James Bond in the future. It’s always intriguing to see what the Bond producers and directors will come up with next to keep it fresh and worthwhile.

  2. Love the list bud! I’ll prefice my comments by saying I haven’t see Spectre yet, but I’m sure it will be fantastic! My new, all-time favorite is Skyfall for many reasons (storyline, Daniel Craig, Scotland)!! I wouldn’t want to disrespect Sean Connery by saying Daniel Craig is my favorite so I’ll make them a tie as best Bond actors. As for the list, for me it would go Skyfall #1, Connery’s best movie #2 (whatever U choose) Casino Royale/Golden Eye #3/#4…then everything else in line behind. Makes we wanna go back and watch them all now. Thanks for the good job…can’t wait to see Spectre!
    Chad Landers

  3. Very well thought out rankings. As I said to you before, I was happy to see that license to kill made the top ten! Always thought it was underrated and had a great darkness to it.. Our lists are very similar, with gold finger, skyfall, and casino royale fighting for the top spot. Those three are all number 1’s for different reasons. Gold finger in it’s classicism with some of the best bond moments and quotes, casino with the amount of suspense and excitement you can cut with a knife (also amazing poker scenes), and skyfall with easily the best writing and acting of the series in my opinion. Nice job Matt!

    1. Thanks for the love, man! This post is one I actually thought about doing leading up to Spectre, but I’m glad I waiting until after I saw it, because it def affected how my top end shook out.

      Even though I said some harsh/funny things about the movies toward the bottom of this list. Every time I come across a Bond movie on TV or throw one of my DVD’s in I find myself immersed instantly. James Bond is the man! Love the movies (old & new)

      Expect for Die Another Day – I really do despise Halle Berry and that movie in it’s entirety.

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