Netflix’s Jessica Jones

Jessica-jones-netflixWell, well, well… The second installment of Marvel’s Netflix venture leading up to The Defenders is here. Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, was released on Friday 11/20 in full. And since I was just getting home post-surgery (I had a gallbladder, now I don’t) and was told to rest up, I figured a full day of Jessica Jones was just what the doctor ordered.

So yes, I was that guy who watched all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones on the day it was released. 🙂

I really liked it. I’m not going to delve into all the reasons why I did because I’d like to avoid spoilers here if possible (aka GO WATCH IT, so we can talk about it. DO IT NOW! Lol) BUT! What I can say is that it was really, really, really well executed like Daredevil. And I don’t think any of the fans who follow these shows expected anything less. Krysten Ritter – A+. David Tennant – also A+.

Part of me enjoyed this show so much because I’m dying to hear all of the Marvel fan boys and girls jump on the bandwagon. Talking about how great it was with the darker content and the grittier characters. You know, since that is always the criticism from Marvel fans towards DC fans as to, “why DC movies aren’t any good.” I love calling out turncoats. LOL!

I will say that I was surprised at the lack of anything Daredevil, like, even a mention of his existence? Nothing like that was even alluded to until episode 13. Anyways, the story is pretty intense. **Mini-spoiler alert** (If you exclude the parts where Kilgrave decides he wants to play house. Which, by the way, was my least favorite part of the whole show). The struggles and fears of each of the characters, especially Jessica Jones, really do come across on-screen and its fantastic.

The biggest element that is shared by Daredevil and Jessica Jones in the storytelling, that I’m a really big fan of, is the off-screen looming presence of the villain. There is something to be said about a character who can affect so much of the emotions and decisions of the on-screen characters without being on-screen themselves. Ups the mystery/intrigue factor way up and I love it. Both Kingpin and Kilgrave were perfectly written early in each series in that sense.

Looking forward to more of the Marvel/Netflix collaborations! Next up – Daredevil season 2 this spring! Hopefully followed up by the Luke Cage series next year as well.


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