A Daily Fantasy Sports Rant

draft-kings-fanduelToday at noon EST, daily fantasy sports providers Draft Kings and Fanduel will head to New York Supreme court to start the legal process in discovering whether or not the ban for New York residents will stand.

I’ve never once participated in daily fantasy sports on either of these sites. So I have no personal bias towards wanting the sites to be legitimized so I can keep on “legally” gambling.

If I had it my way, and I am very much hoping for these sites to go down in flames, I’d have it done away with.

Yes, the reasons I want to have both sites shut down are completely petty and very much snobbish. But at this point, I don’t care anymore, because I’m deathly sick and tired of seeing and hearing anything sports related coming from a (or multiple) bandwagon fan(s). And sites like these breed bandwagon fans. And/or gambling addicts. But since I have had zero problems in my personal life dealing with gambling addicts, I only see fake ass fans that “know” literally nothing about the sport except who the hell in on their fantasy team.

Fantasy sports in my opinion, bring bandwagon fans out of the woodwork now more than ever. Once a year at the end of March when college basketball’s March Madness is hours away from tipping off, that’s when you expect to see bandwagon fans to the max. But with fantasy sports, and now daily fantasy sports, this epidemic is at a tipping point.

I’d love to go back to a time where people who actually cared about the sport were the only ones who talked about it. I’d love to go back to a time that NFL games were actually good games. Because games now-a-days are freaking awful. The quality of the NFL product is awful too, just look at the standings heading into week 12. Only 9 teams are over .500. four in the AFC and five in the NFC.

Living in the world of NFL football in 2015 – the game is ass backward and a shell of its former self. The rules of the game have made it that way. Largely because the league wants more passing yards, more back and forth shoot-outs… in essence, more scoring overall.

And why do they want that now more than ever? Fantasy sports. And money generated by fantasy sports.

A stand has to be made. Hopefully the New York Supreme court is up to the task in the coming days and weeks. Maybe, just maybe, if this animal is put down, sports can start trending towards a golden age again? Am I’m talking about a golden age from a team performance standpoint, not a fans financial one.

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