MHB’s New Year’s Resolution??

island-green-5Christmas is just days away and I’m pretty excited. Which is normal. I’m no Scrooge around the holidays. But for the sake of this post I’m looking forward to 2016. Why? My possible New Year’s resolution of course!

Or should I say January resolution? Seems like everyone forgets about their resolutions by January 31. Lol! I guess maybe I’ve had a few resolutions last until my birthday in early April, but still, it’s **supposed** to last the entire year.

If I decide to go this route, it’ll def be the longest lasting New Year’s resolution of my life.

First, a little back story.

My ever since my brother got himself some Ping golf clubs like 6 years ago, for whatever reason, his golf game has been consistently a few strokes better than mine. I’m not a great golfer by any means. But he wasn’t that good either, like I said, a few strokes better than me. If I shot a 102, he shot a 99. If I shot 108, he shot a 103. Junk like that.

But in 2015 he vaulted into another level. Now he’s consistently breaking 90. Most of the time, shooting rounds in the mid-80’s. Me, I’m still shitting the bed. Not only are my sheets brown. I’m pretty sure my golf bag, clubs, and every single one of my golf balls are brown from being in so much poo. And it’s embarrassing.

SO – In 2016, I’ve been strongly leaning towards making a resolution to beat Brian in at least 1 round of golf. It’s risky I know. But how many other resolutions (of mine or any others) have come to fruition? Lol!

Come January 1, 2016… 10 days. MHB will officially decide. The countdown is on.


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