Redskins Are The 2015 NFC East Champs

Washington RedskinsIt’s been a fairly unlikely run, but it is a run to the playoffs no less. The Washington Redskins solidified a playoff berth with their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night.

I haven’t been very outspoken in my support for Kirk Cousins this season. I’ve been kinda quietly assessing what the Redskins have in Cousins. Plus, I have been an outspoken supporter of Robert Griffin III. So it felt a little tricky, maybe a little hypocritical, to just jump ship on Griffin. (I still wear my Griffin jersey and socks in support of the Skins…)

I said it last year and I felt the same way this year heading into the season. The offensive support pieces with skilled players were in place for Griffin to thrive. But the play calling was horrid. If there is one thing I’m glad about, now that the Redskins are 8-7 and atop the NFC East, is that with either Cousins or Griffin under center… a comfort zone of offensive plays has been discovered. Though, I still think they don’t run the ball effectively or enough.

I’ll be sad to see Robert Griffin III depart from the team at season’s end. I hope he finds a team that will give him a legitimate shot at a starting gig. He definitely has a lifetime fan in me (except if he goes to the Dallas Cowboys… lol). But Kirk Cousins has played at an impressive level. And he wouldn’t have gotten that chance if Jay Gruden didn’t make the call he made mere days before the season started. When he announced Cousins would be the guy moving forward.

Now – thinking about the playoffs. I know this won’t make any sense to anyone who has any football wherewithal. But I will not be upset if the Washington Redskins get a shot at the Seattle Seahawks in the first round of the playoffs. Or any round of the playoffs for that matter. Flashback to Jan 2013, when the Seahawks eliminated the Redskins from the playoffs. And it was in the final moments of that game where RGIII tore is ACL. Which now we can see, was the beginning of the end of RGIII’s run in Washington.

Seattle also bounced Washington from the playoffs in 2005. So Seattle has been on my payback list from quite some time. If we run into Seattle I’ll be amped up. And Washington will have to bring the hurt.

Hail to the Redskins!!!

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