The Chip Kelly Era In Philly Is Over.

“I’m out???”

With only one more week in the NFL regular season the other shoe dropped yesterday in Philly for Chip Kelly. And search for the next coach in Philadelphia has officially begun.

Kelly, who was heading all personnel for the Eagles this year as opposed to his first two seasons in Philly, had many of his personnel decisions questioned. Trading away fan favorite and Pro Bowl RB LeSean McCoy probably being the biggest of those personnel moves. Along with acquisition of oft-injured Sam Bradford to quarterback the team. Follow that up with a team that never fully jelled to put a quality product together on the field in 2015, and allegations that he has lost the confidence and respect of players in the locker room. That is the sequence of events that landed Chip Kelly with a one way ticket out of town.

At first I was surprised by the news last night when the story broke. I really felt like they should have given him at least another year with personnel control. Sometimes teams have bad seasons, that’s just the simple truth. But as the world turns today and more coverage on the Kelly firing is making its way to the wire. I’m actually surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Chip Kelly literally alienated everyone. The last of which was Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie… who finally came to the realization that the Eagles could not move forward like this and be successful.

Sometimes teams have bad seasons, that much is true. But that wasn’t the case here. This is more so sometimes people just don’t mesh… and all of Chip’s relationships in Philly were like oil and water.

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