Gender Reveal – It’s A Boy!!

Christina and I had our 20-week ultrasound appointment yesterday afternoon to determine the gender of our 2nd child. Leading up to the appointment, Christina and I were clueless on what to expect. Neither of us had a gut feeling regarding the gender. That said, when push came to shove, we both guessed boy on our chalkboard tally. Understandably, most people I had asked leading up to us finding out were leaning towards girl because of our first babe, Mackenzie.

IMG_4541We had a bunch of our family and friends over just after dinner to share the news.

Beforehand, I filled up 12 blue balloons and 12 pink balloons to have throughout the 1 st floor as decoration. When Christina and I got home from the appointment with the big news, I filled up 2 more blue and 1 more pink to disguise the answer that would be hiding in plain sight to all of our family.

When everyone officially arrived and tallied their guesses (10 total guessed boy, 15 guessed girl), we had the kids gather up the balloons and count them to figure out what the gender was. It turned out great. I could feel the anticipation of the group as they were sorting through the balloons. I thought it was really neat.

Everyone cheered when I announced, “It’s a boy!”

Christina and I were really glad that everyone was there to share the night with us while eating blue and pink rice krispie treats and drinking blue kool-aid and pink lemonade. Fun, fun, fun!!!

First, Mackenzie Ember. Now, Tristan Joseph. Here we go! 🙂


3 replies to “Gender Reveal – It’s A Boy!!

    1. Thanks for the follow and congrats on your pregnancy! Hope you start to feel better.

      My wife and I chose to not find out the gender for our first child as well. It’s an exciting moment when that babe is finally here. (aka it’s worth the wait) 🙂

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