Shadows Over Innistrad Looks Kind Of Insane.

avacyn angel of hope mat
Avacyn, Angel of Hope. Released in Avacyn Restored, the third set from the original Innistrad block.

Avacyn, noooo!! What happened?

“Wings that once bore hope are now stained with blood. She is our guardian no longer.”
— Grete, cathar apostate

Shadows Over Innistrad features the once beacon of hope fallen on rough and tougher times.

Magic: The Gathering has one of the most anticipated releases in recent years fast approaching.

In 2011, Magic released what has now become one of the most beloved and revered MTG sets of all-time with Innistrad. In April, MTG players everywhere will be returning to the plane of Innistrad.

Here, join Jace for a sneak peek of what Shadows Over Innistrad has in store… Because all is not what it seems.

Personally, like most, I’m really looking forward to the release of Shadows Over Innistrad. But for a different reason.

I didn’t start playing Magic regularly again after a long hiatus until April of 2012, when Dark Ascension was the newest set just before the arrival of Avacyn Restored. Dark Ascension is the second set of the 3-part Innistrad block – Innistrad, Dark Ascension, and Avacyn Restored. I have a really big chunk of cards from Dark Ascension and Avacyn Restored, but as close to nothing from Innistrad itself.

Prerelease weekend is April 2-3, followed by the full set release on April 8 (which happens to my 2 days after my birthday and landing exactly on my cousin Brandon’s birthday). Should be a lot of fun!


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