The Remaking of Team Arrow For Season 5 and Beyond.


Arrow season 4 is winding down here with the finale airing very soon (May 25th). And for the second straight season, I can’t help be feel like this show could be so much more.

I get that this show is largely limited due to the CW. That the “typical” CW target demographic is looking for this, that, and the other… and the writers and producers of the show are just running down that checklist without any regard to the quality of the show. But man, I can’t help but feel there is real potential here and they are royally screwing this thing up.

I’m really scared the writers and show runners will continue the downward spiral of seasons 3 and 4. So much so, and I absolutely mean this when I say, I fear that the show could get cancelled after season 5 because it has been that freaking awful.

I know my opinion doesn’t mean squat to anyone, especially the writers of the show, but I decided to give a few “off the cuff” suggestions on what I would like to see happen with the remaking of team Arrow for season 5 and (hopefully) beyond season 5. To help pump some intrigue and momentum back into this show.

Roy_harper_ArsenalONE! – Bring Roy Harper back.

This show is called Arrow for Christ’s sake, so I would think as many archers as possible would be a good thing. I want to see GA, Arsenal, and Speedy take Star City back. That would be the most balling thing that could happen on this show. I want to see each of these characters channel some rocking primitive hunting instincts. Not rage per-say, but just really keen and aggressive thought processes and actions.

TWO! – Felicity has to go!

Arrow -- "City of Heroes" -- Image AR201a_0073bc -- Pictured: Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2013 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

I’ve been done with Felicity for a while now. I get that she’s a pretty face and the CW likes that, but man her character just completely annoying. To think that the Green Arrow couldn’t get the job down without Felicity? That she’s the most important one of team Arrow because she’s running the hacks, running surveillance, etc.. I’m so done.

I want to see team Arrow get stripped down. And the first one (of season 5) to bite it be Felicity.

PS – Mr. Terrific (aka Curtis in the Arrow-verse) is a more than capable replacement if team Arrow would need aid. Or if they eventually down the road (season 6 or 7) bring Mr. Terrific onto team Arrow. And it would bring new blood and DC based story-lines onto the show.

John Diggle-Lyla MichaelsTHREE!

Diggle and Lyla Michaels gotta go.

And by gotta go I don’t mean killed off. I think their time on team Arrow (specially John) have come to an end. I think their characters would be much better served as recurring roles. Like, if Oliver would need intelligence (in a post-Felicity team Arrow way) he could consult ARGUS… which would be headed by both Diggle and Lyla. Or you could have them featured for a mini 3 to 4 episode arc.

Or maybe, just maybe… have ARGUS become a threat to Star City and team Arrow must take them down. Aka an Oliver vs Diggle showdown could possibly be a thing.

FOUR! – Sara Lance must return to Arrow as the Black Canary.

CW-Arrow-Black-Canary-Sara LanceThe Green Arrow and the Black Canary… do I really have to say anything more?

Caity Lotz has been nice on Legends of Tomorrow, but her presence as Black Canary has been sorely missed on Arrow. Yes, I know that Laurel and Oliver are the ones in comic-lure that get married and so on. But the writers decided to kill off Laurel (which I was very opposed to BTW).. So Oliver and Sara have to be the GA and BC that take it the distance.

I do have a few more ideas for the show, but I think I’ll stop here. The Arrow writers already have enough on their plates with actually coming up with some decent content that won’t get this show cancelled.

If you have ideas or suggestions on the formation or variations of team Arrow moving forward, I’d like to hear them!

2 replies to “The Remaking of Team Arrow For Season 5 and Beyond.

  1. Are you fn kidding me indeed, Mr Bodil. For thw show. Killing Laurel made for perhaps the best dramatic episode of the season…yet I feel cheated waiting so long for her and Oliver to fn get together…. they could’ve offed any of those other characters instead for a similar feel. Like Felicity. Who even though Johnny has always been a fanboy of, he agrees her character is getting old and no longer meanfully contributing to the show or growing internally. Mr. Terrific on the other hand is awesome. And jas potential. And I agree more of him would be a goos thing. To a lessor degree I’d also lile to see Roy back, but only if they give him his due. Though a supporting role is always welcome. Ditto but opposite for Diggle and Lyla. They can stay but preferably only as guests every now and then. They’re holding Arrow back, especially with Argus being a crutch for the team and the writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Diggle. But lile Felicity, his part isn’t really growing still. He’d be better as a reminder way down the road of Oliver’s purpose amd heart ahould he go astray …They’d be old friends who always deeply care for one another…but that doesn’t make for exciting everyday episodes… and last, Sara would be a welcome return. Especially with Laurel gone. To finally see a proper Green Arrow \Black Canary team, along with moving past the tired petty relationships squabbles to.make room for bigger enemies and stories that could now be handled but a proper mature team…would be a joy to see. Ahhh… Arrow. Anyway…Johnny is writing this while running the elliptical machine so hopefully it’s coherent. on the the bicep building! May Johnny’s dream of usurping Aquaman’s role from Kal Drogo continue!

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