Superman Heading to CW For Supergirl Season 2!

superman-coming-to-CW-SupergirlThe Supergirl season 2 casting net has officially been thrown and producers of the show are looking to catch someone to play Superman!

Being a DC Comic enthusiast, I was already watching Arrow and The Flash. This past TV season added 2 more shows into the mix with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Supergirl, which was first under the CBS flag, is now at the CW. Under the same umbrella as Arrow, Flash, and Legends.. and I think that’s good news!

Martian Manhunter and Supergirl have already teamed up, I’ll be looking forward to the introduction of Superman too!

The CW slate will have a DC related property @ 8pm each night Monday through Thursday.

Monday- Supergirl
Tuesday- The Flash
Wednesday- Arrow
Thursday- Legends of Tomorrow

Most information regarding each show’s upcoming season is still under-wraps. But we do know a few tidbits…

First, and most importantly (because I’m writing a post about it because of this news), is that Superman will be featured in the first 2 episodes of Supergirl season 2.

Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman in Smallville.

Some people are speculating that Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent/Superman in Smallville from 2001-2010, might reprise his role as Superman?? That would definitely grab some headlines. Only time will tell if it actually happens…

Lastly in the news department, is that all 4 of the shows will actually crossover. Arrow, Flash, and Legends have already done crossover episodes (and very well I might add), but crossing all 4 shows over seems to be a huge task. I hope they do it justice. (See what I did there.. Justice – Justice League.. Lol!! I try.)

Later peeps!

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