Top 5 “Wants” From Eternal Masters

Eternal-MastersMy on my! Eternal Masters – insane much?!?

As the spoiler list for Eternal Masters grows, I keep thinking to myself – “Damn, I getta get that card.” Then minutes later I’m finding I repeated that thought in my head about 20 times.

First, I must say to any who read this, most of the cards getting printed in Eternal Masters are cards that were originally released when I started playing and collecting Magic: The Gathering cards 20 years ago. So when I eventually dive into my Top 5 “wants” list, the list might not match a lot of other people’s lists. I mean, I already have 3 Balances, and multiple Wrath of Gods. I’ve owned and sold all of the tutors that are getting reprinted. Sneak Attack, another card I already possessed at one time or another. And yes – once upon a time I had 4 Force of Wills… which is probably the card that everyone will be going bonkers over. Wastelands too… been there, done that.

*** Eternal Masters Spoiler List***

Eternal Masters is hitting the market at an interesting time for me though. It’s obviously a set full of cards I have some prior experience with, but it’s mostly interesting to me due to the sentimental ties to many of the cards. And never having been able to acquire these cards previously.

I also recently embarked on the new (to me) adventure of building a MTG Commander deck. Commander is a format that features 100 card decks instead of the typical 60 decks. And limits the cards allowed in the deck to 1 copy per cards, rather than the max 4 copies per card when using 60 card decks.

I feel like there are a ton of cards on the Eternal Masters spoiler list that would be fantastic for commander (each of the tutors, Sneak Attack, and Natural Order to be more specific, but there are many others too).

Regardless of the format though, there are 5 cards I’d love to pull when ripping open a few packs of Eternal Masters. And here they are, in reverse order…

Isochron-Scepter5 – Isochron Scepter.

This is the only card in my top 5 that I currently have copies of (3 to be exact). I’ve done my share of damage with this card and I completely see why people tend to think it’s broken. It found a home for a long time in my fire and ice control deck where you hitch a counter or direct damage to this puppy and go to town. Currently it’s in a little bit of a throwback deck I made starring Hecatomb… I know right, of all the cards in all the gin joints in all the world, I’m using Isochron Scepter to Raise The Alarm multiple times so I have enough idiots to sacrifice to play Hecatomb. Great card that fits in many decks. Even if they are ill-conceived decks. I like it. I like it a lot.

Chrome-Mox4- Chrome Mox

Chrome Mox is one of the few cards from Mirrodin that I REALLY wanted and never landed. This card lands on my top 5 primarily for that reason. The other part of the reason it’s on my list? It’s a super freaking good card. Any deck ever made has always needed mana from somewhere, and I finally want to have a deck that gets an early mana boost from this card. Chrome Mox, if acquired, is most definitely  headed for my commander deck. Ideally I’d get to exile a gold card so this puppy would be hitting on all cylinders! I can see it now and it looks mighty good. Chrome Mox – get in my commander deck already.

Natural-Order3- Natural Order

Visions kinda changed the game (even though I wasn’t keenly aware of it at the time) with the introduction of “Enter the battlefield” effects. But I think this is the card from that set that destroyed me the most. My good friend Matt Riggleman, who taught me the game way back when, had this card. It made its way through various decks, but a turn 4 Verdant Force via Natural Order was my demise many a time. Natural Order is screaming to be put into my Sultai colored commander deck. I intend to make that happen. 🙂


Sinkhole2- Sinkhole

Like I mentioned early in the post, I started collecting cards about 20 years ago now. But even that wasn’t early enough to secure a Sinkhole. Yea, nowadays I coulda just tracked one down online somewhere and bought one of these puppies. But something about that just felt wrong. Not sure why, but it just feels like this is an early gem that had to be acquired when it was being printed in during the first couple sets Magic ever printed. Now we’re all being given another just to pull a Sinkhole… I’ll hopefully/finally fill the void that Sinkhole created by being too good and forcing MTG to stop printing it so early on in the game. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll create the lethal land destruction deck that’s been looming in my mind for far too long.

Jace-The-Mind-Sculptor1- Jace, The Mind Sculptor

I have a question for you all – Did you really think I wouldn’t have this card in the number one slot? HAHA I feel like it would be there even if I already had a copy of this bad boy. Jace is the man! Memory Adept, Telepath Unbound, and most certainly Mind Sculptor… most versions of Jace are very intriguing. That said, I’d also like to get my hands on Unraveler of Secrets from Shadows Over Innistrad too. (Hmm I just might get one or four of them today, lol!!) Anyways… I feel like this card took PW’s to a whole new level of insanity. A 4-drop PW with 4 abilities? I mean, c’mon! What’s not to like about this card? Jace, the Mind Sculptor is a powerhouse and of all the Eternal Masters powerhouse cards getting printed, this is the one that stands out to me. (OK, Force of Will too…) I could also go for a foil Mind Sculptor. That wouldn’t be bad by any means. 🙂


Force of Will (of course)
Any of the Tutors being reprinted
Wildfire Emissary (Can you believe its a common??)

If you haven’t caught on yet… Eternal Masters is undeniably stacked with true power cards. And I intend to capture said power and wield it as I see fit! :0

Eternal Masters drops this Friday – June 10th

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