What Does Scoring North Of 100 In Golf Mean?

dauphin-highlands-golf-courseI’ve been around the game of golf for around 18 years or so, give or take a year. When I was younger, I really enjoyed and loved the game, even when I got really frustrated with scoring so poorly. I wanted to be around the game and become a better player. So much so, that when I ventured off to college the major I chose was Golf Management. I didn’t care if I was a greens keeper or working in the clubhouse to some capacity, I just wanted to be involved with the game. Grow with the game. And for my golf game to grow along with me.

Since that time, there have been years when I got to enjoy playing multiple rounds a summer and years when I only got to play on my dad’s birthday or Father’s Day. For financial or other reasons that’s just the way it’s played out to date.

When a player begins to play the game of golf, and they determine it’s a game they intend to stick with, one of the first goals a golfer has is to break the ever looming score of 100.

I’ve only broke 100 a handful of times in my life. I believe the first time I did I shot a 98 at a rather expensive course near the Pittsburgh area called Tom’s Run at Chestnut Ridge. That was an exciting day. Also recorded the first 2 on a scorecard that day with a birdie on a par 3. I was probably 18 years old. Now I’m 33 years old and have a (not in any specific order) 99, 96, 94, and 92 to my name as well. If I was 18 the day I shot that 98, that was 15 years ago. At my current pace I’m set to score under 100 once every 3.75 years….

If shooting a round of 100 or worse is bad. What does only breaking 100 once every 3.75 years equate too?

It equates to sheer embarrassment. To have been around the game for as long as I have been and still be so… behind the curve? Awful? I’m not sure what else I could describe my lack of scoring as?

Yesterday I got to play a round for Father’s Day at Four Seasons. Which is one of the easiest courses in the Lancaster area that isn’t an executive course. Four Seasons is actually the place I recorded my 2 lowest scores ever – 92 and 94.

In typical fashion, I didn’t give myself a fighting chance off the tee a majority of the time. Either slicing or hooking my drive. Recorded at least 2 holes with 8 strokes or more (had and 8 and a 9). And 3-putted on both of the par 3’s on the back 9 for double bogeys. All that said, I missed a par putt on the 18th green to shoot a 99 for the day…. I walked off the course today with a big fat 100, again, for the millionth time.

I’m so frustrated and disappointed in myself, I really do feel like a failure after yesterday’s round. I had numerous opportunities to chip it close or make the 6 foot putt and just didn’t convert. I hate having to tell Christina or anyone that asks how I did after my round and tell them I played well enough to break 100, but I didn’t.

The truth of the matter is that I didn’t play well enough to break 100, because if I did, I would have scored under 100.

Bill Parcells famously said, “you are what you are,” when referring to whatever football team he was coaching at the time regarding their record, and place in the standings.

Well, my score is my score. And scoring over 100 continuously means redundant and utter misery for me.


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