76ers Draft Ben Simmons #1 Overall

Ben-Simmons-Newest-76erThere didn’t seem to be too much intrigue leading up to Thursday night’s NBA draft when considering who would go number 1 to the Philadelphia 76ers and number 2 to the Los Angeles Lakers. And wouldn’t you know it, both dominoes fell exactly as expected with Simmons going 1 and Brandon Ingram going 2 to the Lakers.

LSU’s Ben Simmons was the favorite to be the top overall pick for some time and the Sixers fans in attendance rejoiced when Commissioner Adam Silver announced that Simmons was indeed the top selection.

While watching the coverage last night, there was much speculation that the 76ers were trying to trade somewhere into the top 8 so they could get another prospect to go in tandem with Simmons, but that plan didn’t pan out.

Now the big question – where do the 76ers go from here? Philly has acquired talent high in the draft now for the 4th consecutive season with Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, and Jahlil Okafor preceding Simmons arrival last night. How does this group gel? Or which one will be moved in favor of getting a piece that will help this group gel. The management group has a bunch to sort out in the coming months for sure.

One thing is certain, my intrigue level for the 76ers is up!

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