Freebie #2

I didn’t game plan anything special for this post (unlike my next post)… Last July I did a free write post and now I’m back for another round. So let’s jump right in!

My baby girl, Mackenzie, is 20 months old today and my son, Tristan, is 4 days away from being 2 months old. I got a one word thought regarding that – CRAZINESS. Being at home with my family is beyond words. I know people wear t-shirts stating that they ❤ NY. I need to get a shirt…


my family.

Ok, my journal portion of this post is officially over

What to talk about if I’m not gonna blab about myself and my family?? That is a good question. I saw the new Ghostbusters movie last weekend and it was FANTASTIC in every possible way. Loved every second of it. I was grinning with excitement during the entire film. I suggest you go see it as soon as humanly possible. I was tweeting about it that night and the next day.. and surprisingly people actually read and reacted to the tweets. I guess a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, right? Lol

I heard that Lady Gaga apparently has broken up with her boyfriend on the radio the other day. Why is that news again?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are vying for the presidency… How did America get to this point? Who is responsible for this? Cause they need to be scolded and sent to their room. Bad, America, bad!!

Tragedies are all around us these days. Why people inflict violence and evil upon others is something I’ll never understand. Shootings, bombings, vans driving into a space of crowded people… Why can’t everybody in the world realize that stuff is 1,000,000% uncalled for and unwarranted.

An advocate of guns recently said to me, “I don’t care whether you are pro-guns or anti-guns, you have to be able to recognize that if someone in that crowd in Nice, France was armed, they coulda popped that guy and saved so many lives.”

Really? That is your take away? In a crowd full of people in panic mode, someone else should fire a gun and potentially hurt more people? I was floored and deeply saddened.

The Olympics are right around the corner. And I really don’t think I’ll watch any of the events. The last time I think I watched anything Olympic related was when KISS played at the winter games in 2002. Before that, when Dan and Dave were prepping to “dominate” the summer games sometime in the 90’s. Moving on…

Mike Love Is Ugly
Mike Love.. front and center

Been listening to the Beach Boys a bunch recently. It started while trying to channel good vibes while on the golf course so I could stay focused and achieve my goal. While listening to them at work, I did a few quick searches on the band. I knew Brian Wilson was regarded as a genius and had a breakdown, etc…  I think any music fan who loves music from the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s knows that much. What I didn’t know is that Mike Love is widely hated for his treatment of Brian Wilson. I read about a bunch of things Love has done over the years.. what a total dick that guy must be. So it’s a tad bittersweet to know that when I’m on the golf course thinking, “I’m pickin up good vibrations…” and knowing that is Mike Love. Still love the song and love the Beach Boys music. Just have ZERO respect for Mike Love. And he’s not an easy dude to look at… he makes me queasy and uncomfortable.

Side note: I’m going to the beach here soon. I might have to get a Beach Boys CD for the ride down.

Another side note: I’m conflicted on buying a CD now because Mike Love has all the controlling interest and music license regarding anything Beach Boys. Do I want to give Mike Love my money? Still undecided.

My Top 5 Beach Boys jams

1 – Good Vibrations
2 – God Only Knows
3 – Help Me, Rhonda
4 – I Get Around
5 – Fun, Fun, Fun

Another weirdly relevant side note. My most recent round of golf resulted in my best score. Should I thank Mike Love?

I think not! I thank the Beach Boys.

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