A Four Face Reflection

Question-mark-facesWho could have guessed it? Almost 5 years down the road and my blog is still active and awesome. I wouldn’t have, that’s for sure. Not only is the blog still going strong, but this very post is the 300th post on MHB. (Yay me!) Part of me feels like I should shout “This is Sparta!” and then proceed to kick someone into a huge cavern to celebrate. The other part came up with this intriguing four face reflection theme for MHB’s milestone post. Before we get into all of the fun stuff I just wanted to send out a big thank you to any/all readers checking this beast of a post. Also huge thanks to all of the contributors that are helping make this post as epic as possible. 😉 I can’t thank any of you enough. But now it’s time to get down to business.

Short story short… I was scrolling through a search of Mortal Kombat related art on Instagram recently (I’m an MK fanboy) and I saw a crazy awesome piece done featuring Mortal Kombat’s most famous yellow ninja, Scorpion. I immediately thought to myself… If I were to depict myself via pictures to somebody, would I use this picture of Scorpion to convey who I am? Weird first reaction, right? I thought it was weird… I also thought it was a crazy cool premise. And just like that, my gears started turning to make the concept into an interesting blog subject.

So here we are. The idea has morphed a tad but the same premise applies. Instead of one picture, everyone participating gets to choose four faces from pop culture (or any aspect of life really) to show and represent all of their beliefs, inspirations, and dreams of who we are to this point and/or what each of us hope and strive to be moving forward to form their four face reflection.

Between family and friends I was able to corral 7 other crazies who were willing to peer into the four face reflecting mirror and join me on this little venture. To introduce them, I’ll show you their names and faces, but they’re on hand to show you their reflection.

Sooooooo (in the order in which I received their contributions) I’d love to introduce my guest bloggers!

Four-Face-Reflection-ContributorsI was going to post my contribution last, because that’s the gentlemanly thing to do as a host, but I’m calling an audible and leading things off. LET’S DO THIS!!

Matt Horn’s four faces

Clockwise from top left – Aragorn, Stuart Scott, Paul Stanley, and Bo Jackson.

I know Scorpion is the face that spawned this idea, but he didn’t make the final four for me. Sorry dude… My faces are Aragorn (brought to life by Viggo Mortensen) from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, late ESPN anchor Stuart Scott, former NFL and MLB star Bo Jackson and legendary front man, Paul Stanley, of KISS. So let’s dive in!

I chose Aragorn, like all of the faces I chose, because he covered more than one quality/aspect of my life. Aragorn lives an unassuming life, means no harm to others, and really doesn’t do the entitlement thing. And I applaud cause I feel I operate the same way (the 30-year old version of me anyway). Lord of the Rings was eye opening and a complete game changer for me. Up until I saw those movies, I was all about music and sports. After seeing Lord of the Rings, I realized that I loved story telling. Only since I started this blog though have I come to appreciate what goes into telling an epic story such as Lord of the Rings. I’m in awe. To be able to accomplish something of that magnitude is to have the foresight and fortitude to know a project worth doing will take time and dedication. And not to short change yourself just to get something done. But rather completing the task (whatever the task may be) exactly as it was meant to be done. Aragorn’s inclusion, as a character and as a face to the medium in which his character exists, was a must.

I have many hobbies – football, baseball, golf, ultimate, etc… Anyone see a theme? I love to play sports, watch sports, and talk about sports. I chose Stuart Scott because he talked sports, and when he talked sports, I listened. I loved watching and listening to him on Sportscenter, and later in his career on ESPN’s Monday Night Football coverage. He made all the games/highlights he broke down more interesting. And he made working with others on set seem effortless and easy. Stuart Scott made the content a better product when the product was already great by itself. Unknowingly at the time when I made the decision to go back to school, he was probably the biggest influence as to why I went back to school for broadcasting. Stuart, you sir without question fall under the influential portion of my post for the dedication you put into your craft. Booyah!

Bo knows football. Bo knows baseball. Bo knows everything I aspired to be good at as a young human. Bo Jackson, running back for the Los Angeles Raiders, outfielder for the Kansas City Royals. Playing two professional sports, and playing them better than his piers. He’s the most amazing pure athlete over the last 33 years (I use 33 because I’m 33 years old). But most importantly (I kid, but not really, lol), he’s a Nintendo Tecmo Super Bowl legend! His direct parallel with me is through Tecmo Super Bowl. So many hours playing that game. So many controllers thrown because I couldn’t stop Bo Jackson. How does one stop the unstoppable?! I’m here to give Bo Jackson credit for my infatuation with stats as well. When I’d play Super Tecmo Bowl I’d always monitor how many yards I ran for with Bo, how many TD’s I scored with him. I was always on the stat page comparing how I did vs the rest of the league. Nowadays, I get to flex my stat-head prowess daily throughout the summer playing rotisserie fantasy baseball and fantasy football in the fall. But the stat tracking all started with Nintendo’s December 1991 release of Tecmo Super Bowl. Bo was a force of nature on the gridiron and in the game. I admired his pure ability so much I wanted to name my son Bo after Bo Jackson. I long to be as versatile and dominant in sport, gaming, and life in general as Bo was.

Last, but definitely not least, and I say that because his name was the very first face on my list, is the one and only Starchild, Paul Stanley of KISS. It’s been about 20 years of KISS fandom for me now. My love for them has grown into a love of rock and roll. I can’t get enough gritty guitars and rapid fire drum rolls. Though with KISS specifically, I’ve always been enamored with their larger than life rock star appeal. As a 13/14/15 year old, they made me want things for the first time. I wanted to sing, to have long hair, to play guitar, to be on stage, to be famous. After listening to KISS Alive!, it made me want to listen to other bands live albums. After seeing them in concert, it made me want to experience more bands in concert. Basically, they made me want to expand my horizons. Fun fact: After reading Paul’s book 2 years ago, I found that I share many of Paul’s outlooks on life and views regarding family. To discover a shared a fundamental approach/outlook on life with one of your idols is extremely gratifying. It’s weird but some part of me felt at peace/fulfilled after learning that. Especially now that I have a family of my own. I honestly feel connected to KISS more so than any sports team, or any pop culture entity. To not have a face from KISS representing me for this post would be a total farce and a complete misrepresentation of who I am.


Samantha Wentz

ansel-adams-landscape[Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film.” -Ansel Adams, Innovative Landscape Photographer]

Jessica Jones(My take on Jessica Jones will be based purely on the television show, as I have not read enough of the Alias comic to relate.) Jessica Jones is not only one of the best feminist characters I’ve seen represented in this fashion, but also one of the first to discuss PTSD in a no-bones-about-it type way. Another character who is trying to cope, Jessica Jones is a rogue crusader who lives with constant flashbacks of a time in her life when she was the victim rather than the hero. She struggles with an alcohol addiction in an attempt to ease the PTSD. She is very dry, very cunning, and extremely protective of all those who are preyed upon by criminals, particularly women. She is extremely close with her best friend, and in the series- even discusses her PTSD with her. I love that it is actually called out and not just implied.  I know this was a huge deal for victims, advocates and just plain fans of the comic and character alike.

I relate to Jessica Jones mostly because I am diagnosed with PTSD, but secondly because I am a modern day woman in a male superhero-dominated society. Jessica Jones is not oversexed in the show- in fact she wears basically the same jeans and leather jacket for just about every episode that I’ve watched. I can dig this. And yes, although she has at least one intimate relationship, this show is not a giant love story filled with her dating escapades. She is always watching, always paying attention to detail- every noise, every shadow, and this is not only because it is her job as a private- eye, but because that’s what living in a hypervigilant state is like. It is hard to relax when you are stuck in this mode, and it is so clearly represented in the show. I had a huge ‘aha!’ moment while watching this and wished I would have seen it or read it sooner because it brought me great comfort. It felt good to put a female face to what I was feeling, and how I felt angry and restless all the time. Not to mention, there is nothing glamorous about her apartment in the series, she is certainly no millionaire. She is representative of an everyday woman who was at a time, a victim, but refuses to ever be put in that position again- so much that she wishes to protect anyone she can help from ever feeling what that feels like.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

 ***MHB’s 300th post. In all it’s glory.***

Thanks again to Samantha, Nate, Brett, Clark, Brett, Christina, and Annika for taking the time help make this milestone post a great one as well.

To any daring readers…
Please join in and share you Four Face Reflections in the comment section.

3 replies to “A Four Face Reflection

  1. Glad you tagged me to read it. Very interesting answers by everyone. Liked that two people said Link as I’ve caused his death probably hundreds of times in my youth. My 4 would be:
    1- William Wallace. A life of dedication to his woman and pursuing freedom and badassery. What will you do without freedom?
    2- Turtle. Nothing exemplifies the beach bum life like the most laidback dude from North Shore, the best surf movie ever. Also, the fact it’s an obscure 80’s movie reflects an additional side of me.
    3- Grave Digger. What says southern, proud, and awesome like the greatest monster truck of all-time??? Only noteworthy thing to emerge from my home county in NC.
    4- Chris Jericho. Loud, cocky, trashtalks better than actually performs and a big fan of rock n’ roll. Some people hated him, a few people loved him, but he always kept things interesting and unpredictable. He’s not my favorite wrestler ever (Mr. Perfect), but I think he’s the closest representation of my own bodacious personality.

  2. Excellent!!! Love it – William Wallace is an all-time classic.

    I woulda thought (if you were going to pick a wrestler) you’d pick Jake the Snake Roberts solely so you could ask people if they “wanna pet your snake?” LOL!!!

    But I could easily see you picking dudes like Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect.

    Glad you chimed in!

  3. I’d have loved to be able put a Rick Rude, Val Venis, or Ric Flair on there, but I don’t have the womanizing requirements. Maybe Rick “The Model’ Martel could have worked. I was the only person rooting for him I think in Wrestlemania 7’s blindfold match with Jake the Snake. Loved his confidence. Haha.

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