Resolution Update

2016 US Open Champ – Dustin Johnson

Well, well, well… here we are in September 2016 already as the summer just flew by. For those who aren’t aware, I made a New Year’s Resolution to beat my brother Brian in golf this year. So far, it hasn’t happened…

I’ve played 11 rounds this summer (12 if you count the Beer Man Open scramble) and  I’ve had some ups and downs within my game. Here are my scores so far this year:

  •  4/10 @ Honey Run – F: 60 B: 56 for an Overall 116
  •  4/24 @ Four Seasons – F: 53 B: 48 – Overall 101
  •  5/15 @ Overlook – F: 47 B: 53 – Overall 100
  •  5/22 @ Dauphin Highlands – F: 52 B: 50 – Overall 102
  •  6/3 Scramble @ Highlands of Donegal
  •  6/10 @ Parline – F: 57 B: 55 – Overall 112
  •  6/19 @ Four Seasons – F: 48 B: 52 – Overall 100
  •  7/3 @ Cool Creek – F: 50 B: 49 – Overall 99
  •  7/8 @ Parline – F: 43 B: 48 – Overall 91
  •  7/24 @ Foxchase – F: 54 B: 52 – Overall 106
  •  7/31 @ Cool Creek  – F: 52 B: 57 – Overall 109
  •  9/9 @ Crossgates – F: 61 B: 53 – Overall 114

As you can see, 2 rounds under 100 and they happened within a week of each other. Since those rounds, I’ve progressively scored worse.

The 91 at Parline is the only score that would have challenged Brian this summer. Though, he didn’t actually play with me that day. Come to think of it, he didn’t play with me for the round of 99 at Cool Creek either. Hmmmm.. maybe I’m onto something there. Just don’t play with Bri and maybe I’ll improve my game? LOL!

There were some transitions made this summer.

big-bertha-alpha-815I got a new driver – Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815

I’m no Dustin Johnson off the tee, but a distance increase is there to be had with my new driver. I’ve experienced it first hand all summer. It’s just matter of honing and controlling it. My first round with the driver was at Overlook, the only round where I walked instead of riding. That day I drove with, and past Brian multiple times. Brian and I both had a great round slip away due to a terrible slow foursome in front of us. The last 5 holes that day were brutal due to their slow play. And the lack of rhythm is evident on the scorecard.

mack-daddy-60-lob-wedgeI got a new wedge – Callaway Mack Daddy 2 60 Degree Lob Wedge

The 60 degree wedge wasn’t something my game really featured before. Even though chipping and short game was something I actually felt comfortable with, this summer it was glaring that it’s a part of my game that needed to be improved ten-fold. The Mack Daddy didn’t shine so much in its first outing at Dauphin Highlands, but it was playing true when I dipped down to 91 for the round I dubbed “Revenge at Parline.”

If my golf game is going to go in the direction I hope it’s going, these two clubs are gonna be the vehicles to get me there.

I’m gonna go on record right here, right now. Even though my resolution was to beat Brian this year, I’m actually fine with not getting there in 2016. With the addition of these clubs, summer 2016 has almost acted as a preseason type venture for what is to come.

Now, it’s all about a focus. Focus in honing these weapons and a focus in applying what I learn in practicing with these clubs.

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