Arrow Season 5 Is Here

Tonight, Arrow returns with the season 5 premiere!

In an earlier Arrow related post, I did call out the Arrow writers for leaving the show in a state that was a shell of its former greatness. So I’m beyond ready for the premiere tonight to not only wow, but leave me wanting more more more! And after watching the season 5 trailer, it seems like there might just be some goods left in the writer’s room cupboard.

I’m not exactly sure how much the writers will dive into Oliver, Mayor by day/Green Arrow by night? But it is something I’ve been looking forward to since the show started. Though, I kinda imagined it where Laurel was a district attorney by day, frequently being thwarted by an evasive Mayor Queen, and hunting Green Arrow by night (because she didn’t know his identity yet). Or to have embraced the Black Canary identity and be fighting by Green Arrow’s side by night as a tandem. After last season, I guess we all know by now that ain’t happening.

Arrow's Katie Cassidy as Laurel. Season 2 Episode 3 - Broken Dolls
Arrow’s Katie Cassidy as Laurel. Season 2 Episode 3 – Broken Dolls

I recently watched a few older Arrow episodes (season 1 episode 20 through season 2 episode 3) and man was it refreshing! Specifically, with what Katie Cassidy brought to the table as Laurel, and seeing the Oliver/Laurel dynamic working to perfection. Also, not to be forgotten, is that the flashback sequences were actually potent to the story line. In my opinion, there is a ton of (hopefully good) work to be done by the writers in order fill the incredible void left without Laurel and making the flashbacks good again.

So, here are a few positives heading into season 5.

  • Oliver will have to deal with Mayoral duties by day, GA duties by night.
  • Roy Harper is coming back in some capacity.
  • There is at least one archer related nemesis.

This might be the most awful pun, considering how season 4 of Arrow playing out facing Damien Darhk, but I’m desperately hoping that the writers can recapture the magic of earlier seasons and not waste this great opportunity of having Green Arrow on the silver screen. Make it count!!


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